Harrison prepares our clothes for the party. He walks closer to me and gives me a smile. Then, he bestows the dress that he purchased last night online. 

I snatch the dress to his hands and take a glance at it. My lips curve into a smile when he knows my style. The dress is lacy cream vintage and along with the cream stiletto. 

"You really know my style, Harrison Bryne. Are you a spy?" I ask with my teasing voice. 

He just shrugs and strolls outside my room. Then, I walk inside the restroom, remove all my clothes, and stride inside the shower. I open the shower as the water rushes through my body. I lift my head as the water drops into my face, wishing that it could remove all the problems that I encounter. 

I turn off the shower and glance at the water that rushes through the hole. "Yet it never works," I murmur. 

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