He definitely has a girlfriend


It was almost midnight now, after the long hours of standing and welcoming guests, maintaining a smile that made my cheeks hurt and posing for innumerable photo sessions.

Alex, some of my friends and Laura's cousin Rhia escorted us here. Though I was chilling with them, all I wanted to do was to collapse on the bed.

But my friends, they did not let go of me. They teased me endlessly and shamelessly pulled my leg. for my own first night. My friends are still bachelors, and they seemed more thrilled than me over the prospect of the first night. Of course, Alex didn't annoy me at all. Because he knows the deal well.

Anyways, after the eternal torture, they finally pushed me towards the room. With no interest, I entered and the first thing that invaded my mind was the pillow on the bed.

I went to take the pillow but she started saying something and that's when my attention took hold of her, making me realise that she is my bride and she is kinda pretty.

Laura Allen. The Ruthless. When I first meet her, it was obvious that she was kinda upset or had a fight with someone. She appeared and said she will help me, and in return, I have to marry her. Woah. Successful!

Now she is my official wife though it's a trial marriage. The contract she gave contains rules like I have to stay in her house with her family, I can't sleep with her on the bed, I can't ask questions about her personal life and so on.

Preserving her rule, I laid down on the couch though it was not comfortable at all for a tall man like me.

But... wait. Am I forgetting something?

Hell, yeah.

I grabbed my phone immediately when something really important crossed my mind. How can I even forget about it?


In the morning, we were supposed to go back to Allen mansion. My driver was waiting for us in front of the hotel. But Ryan was in his deep sleep. He should be. Because whenever I opened my eyes, I saw him chatting with someone on his phone.

He definitely has a girlfriend! But that's none of my concern.

Whatever. I strode closer to the couch and called him. "Ryan." And he didn't bother at all, he was sleeping like there is no one to care.

"Ryan. Wake up. We need to go back." I said but no response again.

And this is the last and final, then I am leaving him here. "Ryan," I called him loud.

Okay. He didn't wake up. I am leaving him here. He can sleep here as much as he wants. He has legs, and there are taxis, he can go home alone. None of my concern either. I don't have any time to waste on a guy like him.

"I am leaving. I tried to wake you up but you didn't." I wrote it on a paper and left it for him on the table beside the bed.

Then I grabbed my purse and walked out of the hotel room. But just when I reached the reception desk, I saw a crowd in front of the entrance gate.

Fuck! The hotel management team was waiting with flowers, of course, to congratulate the newlywed couple.

They will definitely ask some stupid questions if they don't see us together. What should I do? Should I go back to the hotel room and come with him later?

Yeah. I must. I decided and was about to turn around to go back but damn it! Someone noticed me and called me from behind.

"Mrs Laura."

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