Chapter - 20

Rachel P. O. V.

I felt rough fingers gently caress my cheeks. I turned my head to see someone very scary. “Lucifer”

I don't know what to do, but I knew to not draw his much attention to myself. He slowly runs his hand through my hair. I close my eyes but suddenly my body twisted around. Crippling fear claws its way through me, wrapping around me like a vice as I take in those soulless eyes. His eyes are dark. I can't decipher the colour from here, but there is barely a distinction between the iris and the pupil. He doesn't move, doesn't blink as he stares me down. They were like smoke blowing in the wind, coming from a fire that burned everything to the ground. The heat of his gaze could set my body on a flame. His horrid gaze roams over my body and what feels like my soul. My legs are shaking as he stands to his full height. His gaze never leaves mine as the corner of his mouth slightly upturns. My body wasn't reacting on its own. His presence is like the magnet which was
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