She was so beautiful that his breath hitched. He was struck by lightning. He saw her pixie-like features, with high and defined cheekbones, an elegant jawline and a plump chin. And those swollen red lips, they were suited for a siren. Her heart-shaped face was something he could immerse for eternity. 

She was sitting with her knees up against her chest as her hands were tied on her back. 

Penny scrambled back to the wall as she stared with fear at the man in front of her. Her mouth went dry when she looked up at him in his onyx eyes that seethed with anger standing out against the black hair that fell loosely over his head. His body was muscular and the torso was rock hard, as if carved out of stone. The abs and pecs were defined to perfection. His raven black hair, almost as back as night spread on the center of his chest and they trickled to a line that trailed down to his navel and lower. Those broad cheekbones only added to his manly charisma. 

She stared at the sheer handsomeness of the man and found her hatred for him waning. Jezus, the man was so… beautiful. He was so masculine, so macho that she could stare at him for eternity. She whimpered. 

He growled and her reverie broke. She shook her head to come off the stupor. She pressed her back to the wall and with her lower lips quivering said, “Who are you? Please don’t do this with me.” She closed her thighs tightly. They had made her wear a red bandeau and a skimpy black skirt that did nothing to cover her legs. A black lacy thong was visible on the inside. She wrestled against her shackles, ready to kick the man if he tried to come near him. 

Looking at the girl’s black lacy thongs made Ludwig’s senses go blank for a moment. His fangs grew longer. 

“Stay still girl!” he growled at her as he started to walk towards her. 

—Protect her at all costs—


She screamed when she saw his long claws that jutted out of his hands. What kind of an animal was he? “Go away!” she shouted. 

Hearing her screams, the security came running to the room. Shocked at the sight in front of them, the two men pointed their guns at Ludwig—their hands trembling with the gun. “Who are you?” asked one of them. “Put your hands up!” They wanted to capture him so that no harm was done to the girl. She was Maxim’s prized possession and they couldn’t take a chance to smear her with blood. She was worth over thirty thousand dollars for the night. However, before they knew what happened to them, Ludwig attacked. 

Gunshots were heard.  

A painful scream and a bulky body fell on the floor with its neck punctured deeply. Next instant, another spineless body crumbled in front of Penny and she shrieked. 

“Quiet girl!” Ludwig hissed at her. 

Another guard came in and Ludwig held him by his throat and snapped him like a twig. The guard’s body fell on the heap of the other two. 

Penny gave him an incredulous stare. Was he protecting her or about to kill her? 

Without delay, Ludwig rushed to her and slashed her manacles. Holding her firmly by her arms, he yanked her to her feet. Electricity sparked on his skin and he shivered. 

“Leave me,” she quivered against his touch. 

Electricity cruised through his body when he touched her. It was so strong that he could feel his shaft going hard. 

She pushed against him to break free but he had an iron grip. He shook her until she was standing quietly next to him. “Please don’t do anything to me,” she pleaded. 

“Shut up!” said Ludwig, realizing that this girl had ruined his plans to meet Maxim and extract the information about the necklace. He wanted to dump her but his instincts were clawing him from the inside. His wolf had stirred up inside after a long time clawing his mind. He wanted to suppress the beast inside. 

And her luscious body that was scantily dressed wasn’t making it better. Her scent flooded his senses crazily. 

As for Penny, her eyes were wide open with fear, seeing the monsters with claws and horns in front of her. Who were these people?

Next moment Maxim walked in with an ominous growl. There were three more guards behind and the four buyers who had already deposited money. He blocked the way and crossed his hands against his chest. His gaze traveled to Ludwig who was holding the girl’s hand and had shoved her behind him. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Leave the girl, else I am going to gut you with my horns.” 

A demon. Maxim was a demon who had successfully hidden his horns under his thick mane of long hair. As tall as Ludwig, the demon was only a shade less muscular than him. His bulky frame covered the door. 

Ludwig grunted. “Hello Demon.” 

“What are you here for, werewolf?” he asked. 

The men behind him looked at the two with wonder, as they talked in puzzles. Demon? Werewolf? 

“You have cost me fifty thousand dollars. Give this girl to me and I am going to let you live,” threatened Maxim. 

Ludwig laughed. “You and I have business to talk. And no this girl is mine.” 

Penny looked up at the back of the man in front of her. 

“Business?” Maxim smirked. “I don’t do business with werewolves.” Because he knew they had mates. “I only talk if you have money. And today you have ruined my business. You will have to pay a heavy price for that.” Saying that he stepped forward. Extending his hand he gritted, “Give that girl back to me.” 

Ludwig tilted his head. “No!” There was mad rage in his eyes. “I will buy her from you. What is her price?” He asked. 

Maxim gave a bitter laugh. “She is equal to forty thousand dollars every night. She is my slave for life!” 

Ludwig took out the purse with gold coins and threw it at him. “There! Now she is my slave for life!” 

Maxim caught the bag, opened the string and his eyes shined with the glitter of gold. He laughed like a madman. “This is becoming interesting.” He looked up at the Lycae. Then he bared his teeth and directed his men, “Kill him! I am going to earn that extra fifty thousand dollars as well.” 

He stepped back and allowed the men to enter who leapt at him together. Shoving the girl away, Ludwig ducked down, clawed the first one in his stomach and then took the remaining two by piercing their neck so quickly that they didn’t know when they died. He threw the two of them towards the window with a yell that sounded throughout the brothel. The glass of the window came shattering down. 

The four buyers warned Maxim to return their money and scrambled off. As for Maxim, his eyes became glinting yellow, with a murderous rage. 

“Let us go!” said Ludwig. “And I will spare you life!” He was so irritated by himself. This was his chance to know about the necklace for his betrothed and all he was doing was murdering men because of this stupid mortal. He hated mortals with all his might. 

Maxim laughed. His horns were straightening. Suddenly he attacked the Lycae, head first. Ludwig held his horns and they crashed on the wall a few feet away from Penny and the plaster of the wall splintered. In the next few seconds, Maxim had clawed his opponent giving him deep gashes on his arm. The Lycae’s leather coat was tattered and blood was oozing out. He lowered his head to dodge Maxim’s punch and slashed his thighs sending a wave of pain through his body. The demon bawled and was about to pierce his horns in Ludwig’s neck when his body froze mid-action.

Maxim staggered back holding his neck, which was bleeding profusely from the back. Ludwig freed himself and shoved him away. He looked at him with wonder and saw a huge glass shard that had penetrated his neck. The little girl was holding it in her bloodied hands, balancing the weight of the demon somehow. Her eyes were bloodshot with rage. 

She muttered, “Die, you bastard! Die!” 

Ludwig rushed to her and removed her hand from the shard. He pulled her to his right and then held the shard. Before the demon could turn, he twisted the glass in his neck. Blood gurgled out and the demon collapsed on the floor. 

Penny stared at the demon with blank expression. She had just murdered someone and her body trembled like a dry leaf. “I— I have killed him.” Her mind stuttered. 

Taking no more chances, Ludwig dragged her out of the room and the brothel. Men and women saw the two of them, all covered with blood, sprinting out of the brothel. So much bloodbath had taken place that no one dared to stop them or say a word to them. 

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Man I read these books out of order. I already know what happens to Penny since I read the other book… bet this book would have been good… great author
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