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Over the next four hours, Brishor had called his warriors whom he split into two. Ha’daz was ready with his soldiers on the northern side. 

The portals which Tova had bought from the witches of the black market, were supposed to stay open for four days. Lykae soldiers were employed on both the sides to make sure that no one except the army walked through them. Even the witches who had created the portals were standing over there, guarding them and keeping a watch on all. 

Knowing that Brishor’s dragons would take care of Maxim and his rogues, Ludwig concentrated on Keplin. His target was Zoe. If she fell, then Keplin would also weaken. 

“Why don’t you use the weapons I have crafted, Ludwig? I have been able to craft half of your order and it is waiting in the inventory,”

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love the story, can't wait to see how it ends
goodnovel comment avatar
Do I need to say: stupid Penny? Ludwig told her to stay put. Even if she finds him, she will only be in the way... and now, that witch will send Penny who knows where. :(

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