The Royal Labor Room

Castle Alnor

Five weeks later

Penny had felt the first constriction seven hours back. They were sleeping and Penny was very uncomfortable. She was sleeping on her back and wanted to turn towards Ludwig, but her tummy was so huge that turning to any side was an issue. Understanding her predicament, Ludwig turned to her and draped her in his arms. She nestled her face in his neck and went off to sleep. She woke up with a pain on the sides of her tummy. Clenching her teeth, she muffled her groan so that Ludwig wouldn’t wake up. He had been working non-stop with his kingdom’s vicegerents since the new year was approaching and they had assessed the economy and trade for levying taxes and allocating budgets. It was only after midnight that the man got to sleep. 

So she simply pressed her face in his neck


Hi all! I have published the next book in the series - UNWANTED MATE. You can check it out now!

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Diana Koo
Looooooved it! Author is talented and gifted!!!!
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Such an amazing story. Please write another about Angus, Brishor & Tova finding their mates. More about Penny & Ludwig & their kids all grown up. Absolutely Loved this book. <3<3
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Ann Thomas
really enjoyed this Book! now on to unwanted mate!!
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