Lexter Montero was born into a wealthy and powerful family in the Province of Luzon.   His family owned the majority of the land in the province.

The lands were major businesses of the Monteros, rice fields, coconut plantations, vegetable farms, and sugar cane plantations.   Almost all the peasants' families in the province were  Montero's laborers.   The peasant workers were from average, moderate, and impoverish living status.   They work hard for everyday living for their families.

Almost all the workers were indebted to the Montero family the reason why they can never quit their jobs on the plantation or on the farm especially the impoverished families, they were bound to be workers for a lifetime as well as their kids when they grow up.   The peasant's children will work to pay their parent's debts.

Lexter Montero was the only child during his younger years as his brother was born when he was twelve years old.   His parents spoil Lexter Montero, and he always gets what he wanted.

Yaze Cruz on the other hand was born into a peasant family with two siblings who were born far from her age.   Her father and mother were workers in the Montero's plantation and farm.  

Lexter and Yaze were classmates and friends during their elementary school age.    They were very closed, they play and eat together in school.   Yaze was endowed with a beautiful face and nice fair skin.   she was also a bright and smart kid as well as Lexter Montero.

Yaze captured Lexter Montero's heart since they were in elementary school.

"Yaze, I will marry you when I grow up.   You will be mine," Little Lexter Montero blurted out with a big smile.

"What??   You will?" Little Yaze Cruz amused with Little Lexter Montero.

"Yes, I will.   So, do not forget that!" Little Lexter Montero said with seriousness.

"Okay, I'll wait for that, he, he," Little Yaze said giggling.

"What if I'm not beautiful when I grow up?   Will you still marry me?" Little Yaze asked Little Lexter Montero staring at him immensely.

"I'm sure you will be beautiful when we grow up and I will be handsome too," Little Lexter said coaxing Little Yaze and hold tight Little Yaze's small hand.

"Okay," Little Yaze said with a thumbs up then they both giggled.

After elementary education Young Lexter was sent to Metropolitan City for High School Education, going back to the hometown only once and had never gone back home in the province since then as he was sent to a university abroad.

Unfortunately, Yaze was not able to go to college when her mother got sick, and can not work.   Yaze started working to help her father earn a living for their family.   She works as a waitress in a restaurant in the town proper.

Yaze has many suitors but has no time for love as she was more devoted of helping her family than flirting.

"Yaze, When are you going to accept my love for you.   It was been for two years I'm waiting for your answer.   Please accept my love, please?" Andrew Villariz pleading to Yaze.  Andrew was Yaze's suitor for two years, he was so patient and had never given up on her even he was been turned down by Yaze many times.

"Alright, I'll accept you but I have rules for you," Yaze said in a serious tone.  Yaze thought many it was time for her to accept Andrew.

"Yes, yes, what are the rules!  I'll follow them," Andrew blurted out happily.

"Okay, listened very well," Yaze said smiling at Andrew.

"So, you are my girlfriend now?" Andrew asking to confirmed.

"No not yet, here are the rules," Yaze said.

"First, no lip kissing until we are engaged or married.  Second, don't force me to do anything that I don't want to do or I'm not ready to do.  You know I am a very busy person, dates only when I have time.  Holding my hands only allowed, no embracing but depend." Yaze explained her rules.

"Yes, yes my boss!" Andrew happily answered.

"You are my girlfriend now, right?" Andrew confirming.  Yaze nodded.

"Yahooo!!!! Yaze is my girlfriend now!" Andrew shouted loud with a high level of happiness, jumping.

"Hey stop it!" Yaze said shyly as people looked at Andrew jumping with joy.

"I can kiss your hands and cheek at least?" Andrew asked if he was allowed.

"Hands is okay for now but cheeks later maybe, I'll let you know if it's okay," Yaze said laughing.

Andrew reached Yaze's hands and kissed them many times as he did not know how to seal his joy.

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