Lexter Montero was back in the city, busy, and worked overtime for the whole week he returned to the city.

Trisha Wilson, Lexter Montero's girlfriend has been calling him since he came back but had never picked up her call nor made a return call.  Trisha was annoyed but can not do anything as she knew that when he doesn't answer his phone, it means he doesn't want to be disturbed.   She decided to go to Lexter's company to talk to him.

"Sir, Miss Trisha is here," his secretary informed him.

"Let her in," Lexter said while he was focused on his laptop typing.

Trisha pushed the door, Lexter did not look up to see or welcome her, he continued doing his thing.

"Lexter!" Trisha called his name in an angry loud voice.

"What the fuck are you shouting about in my office?!" Lexter Montero blurted out with annoyance.

"Why are you not picking up your phone?! I have been calling you for hundred times already for how many days!" Trisha blurted out impatiently.

"If you came here for that matter, I don't have time.  You can leave now!" Lexter said angrily.

Trisha was stunned and was not able to answer back immediately.  It was the first time Lexter said such words to her.  She thought maybe because she shouted to him that he was mad.

"What is wrong with you?!  I just came to see you," Trisha explained.

"You are shouting at me, who are you to do that?? Who give you the power to do that?!  I'm so busy, what the fuck is your problem, huh??!" Lexter Montero casting a sharp stare to Trisha, "You are already here, what are you still complaining?!"

"Trisha Wilson can not complaint and argue more as she felt Lexter's anger in his voice and his face aura.

"I haven't seen you for more than a week now, I miss you, Darling," Trisha coquittishly said in a soft voice as she sat on the arm of Lexter's swivel chair and put her arms around his neck.

"Alright, don't disturb me, I need to finished this today," Lexter said as he continue typing.

"Can we go out and eat lunch, please?" Trisha softly said kissing Lexter's cheek.

"I can't, I have to finished this today. Later tonight I can.  Let's meet in Great Food Restaurant at seven thirty tonight.  Make a reservation," Lexter said.

"Okay, I'll see you then later, darling," Trisha sweetly said.  Lexter nodded.

Trisha left with a happy heart.   She made a reservation, looking forward on something to do for tonight with Lexter Montero, her boyfriend for more than a year.

In the restaurant, Lexter Montero and Trisha Wilson meet for dinner at seven thirty.  Lexter Montero arrived first as a gentleman, not to make a woman wait for him.

"How was your vacation in the Province, in your hometown, darling?" Trisha asked sweetly with a smile as she was looking at Lexter's face without expression.

"Was tiring but was good.  Lots to do," Lexter briefly said still not looking at Trisha, instead he was scanning the menu.

"How are your parents?" Trisha continued making conversation.

"They were fine.  They want to retire now and wanted me to start taking the business in the province.  So, I'm going back home more often soon." Lexter purposedly said to Trisha to let her know that he would not be in the city always anymore.

"Oh Really?  How about your business here?" Trisha was stunned a second as the information was not good for her.

"My business is doing well, I have my trusted subordinates." Lexter exclaimed.

"Can I come when you go back?  I havent meet your parents yet," Trisha said with a trace of sadness in her face.

"Someday, Trisha," Lexter said without expression. 

Their foods were served and they eat silently as Lexter was not in the mood to talk any more things.  Trisha was a little in frustration as she felt that Lexter seems to be not excited to see her.

"Where are we going after dinner?" Trisha anticipating that they will have the night together.

"I'm tired and I still have lot of paper works to do," Lexter said as she look at Trisha eye to eye but no trace of emotion in his face.  Trisha pouted her mouth.

"Can we have the night together?" Trisha said in coquittish tone.

"I have many paper works to do, Trisha, I can't and I am not in the mood for any other things at the moment," Lexter Montero explained.

"Finished your food and I'll drive you home," He added.

Trisha felt sad with the somewhat cold treatment of Lexter. 

In Lexter Montero's small mansion in the city, he has four servants, two maids, one gardener-errand boy and a driver.   Lexter Montero's life was very private, he has never brought any woman in his home incuding his girlfriend Trisha.  When he want to spend  a night with her, they sleep in a luxurious hotel or out of town trip.

As a successful business man, Lexter Montano was well-known as one of the youngest businessman in the business world in the Metropolitan City.  In the business world in the city, knew that he came from a wealthiest and powerful family in the Province of Luzon.  As a descendant of the wealthiest and powerful Spanish ancestors, the Montero's were look up like kings, queens and princes and still done to this days in the Provinces.

Lexter Montero having grown up with servants through out his life even when he was far studying in the city and abroad, has no worries in all his needs.  With money almost everything was possible to buy to be happy or to fill up his life.

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