I keep thinking of Lexter, gosh!  He is just so handsome.  Well, I am no exception from an ordinary woman who would be captivated of Lexter Montero's handsomeness.   He was already handsome when we were kids, now he is a perfect beauty of a man.  Every woman must have wanted him.  Lexter might have many girlfriends or have an extraordinary beautiful girlfriend.

Am I in love with him? Ohhh no! Lexter is sky and I am earth, he is too high to reach.  I am just too poor, not worthy for him even as his maid.  I have not even reach college, of course his family won't like someone poor for their son.  I am just so stupid thinking of this.

I have a boyfriend who is also rich but not as rich as Lexter Montero.  I know my boyfriend's family does not like me as I came from a poor family but Andrew had not stopped pursuing me.  I became his girlfriend for the reason of his patience courting me but I don't feel a love for him as my boyfriend.  I could only feel a deep friendship for him.  I could perhaps learned to love him someday, but even that would happened his parents wouldn't accept me.  It is actually worthless continuing our relationship because we know both that his parents disliked me so much, but they could not stopped Andrew.  Andrew was the only child and was spoiled by his parents, so he was so important to his parents and the only heir.  Andrew's parents wanted him to marry someone who came from a rich family too.   Andrew's mother even came to me to warn me, told me to break with him because I am not worthy for him.   I told his mother  that I did broke with him already many times but always he beg me not to, I pity him.

So, our relationship had not actually progress well, as I was busy helping my family and Andrew's parent made Andrew very busy by having him work in their business after he graduated in university.   He could only visit me once in awhile when he runs away.


"Since the day I saw you in the river Yaze, I can not forget you." I was whispering to myself while holding a glass of wine looking up in the sky at the big window.

The admiration I felt when we were kids was still in my heart.   Now that I saw you again, the feeling was not just a crush.   Am I falling to you?  I felt obsessed about her, wanting her in my arms.  I want to make love to her.

"Ahh, fuck! I want her badly," I moaned for my intense need of her.

Two days more and I'll go back home.   I'll see her again.  My excitement was cut off when i remember she has already a boyfriend.

"How would I court her?  I have to do something to make her break with her boyfriend," I murmurred to myself.

After more than two weeks, I can't wait to go home as I miss to see her again.  Tomorrow is Thursday, I can not wait for Saturday or Friday.   I had to go tomorrow night.  I had to informed Mommy that I'm coming home.

"Hello, Mom, I'm coming home tomorrow night," I said on the phone to my mother.

"Is that big brother?" I heard my younger brother asking.

"Big brother, buy please some comics magazines," Luis said.

"Okay, I'll ask my secretary to buy early morning tomorrow," I said. "I'll see you tomorrow night."

After my call, I felt elated inside me looking forward to see my family and Yaze.  In the past, I don't have such interest in going back home as my family always comes to visit me.   I asked myself, why it took me two years before going back home to visit my hometown.

After meeting Yaze again, I felt the need of going back home so eagerly.  First reason, I have to handle the family business and be with Luis, and second I want to have Yaze.

I woke up early, instructed the maid to prepare the things I needed for the province vacation for three days as i dont need formal clothes there.  I thought of buying a dress for Yaze as a gift later because I want to start courting her even though she has a boyfriend.   I heard from Luis her boyfriend came from a rich family in the neighboring town.

I went to my company and have a meeting to the managers of the departments and giving my private assistant and my Vice President some important matters to take care of while I'm away and reporting to me every other day or as necessary through video call.

I went out early from work and headed first to the mall to buy a gift for Yaze and pick up the ordered comic book for my brother Luis.  After buying other things to bring home, I headed home to my mansion.   The servant loaded my luggage in the trunk and I started driving heading to the expressway.   I felt happy in my heart.

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