Lexter phone rang, "hello?" 

"Lexter you must clear now the highway with police so I can go back to the city.  And also, the mean in our home.  I already return the baby." Trisha said in a low voice.

"I'm sorry for what I have done.  I did not mean to use the baby to make you comeback to me.  Forgive Lexter.  I accepted now that we are not meant to be.  I'll not bother you again." Trisha said crying.

"I'll forgive you for old time sake but I can't forget what you did.  Don't ever show up around me and my family.  You know what I am capable of," Lexter fierce warning then hung up the call.

Lexter called immediately the leader of the men who were in Trisha's home.  He called the police to cancel the checkpoint on the highways.

"It's alright now love.  Should we change Baby Lexie's clothes and check his body for anything," Lexter suggested.


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