Lexter picked his little brother from the party.  In the car, Lexter made a joke to Luis.

"Why did you not tried another pussy?  So, you can experience the taste of another pussy, hahaha," Lexter laughed loud.

"Damnit!  I don't want to taste a bad pussy!  Maybe a lot of men had already infiltrated that coquettish woman's pussy!  Ewww! She touched my dick, damnit!" Luis angrily said.

"Ohh, she was so eager to taste your long sword! hahaha," Lexter laughed again.

"Stop laughing!" Luis was so annoyed.

"Perhaps, I should tell to Yaze your encountered experience that you are almost rape," Lexter jested Luis who has a gloomy look.

"NO! don't tell her!" Luis worriedly said.

"We'll go home tomorrow night," Lexter informed his little brother.

"I can't go home.  I have periodical exam on Monday.  I need to review.  I can't review well if I go ho

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