Chapter 122

Something rippled behind Liam, towards the center of the charred circle of earth.

The scent of rain filled my nose, marred only by the slightest hint of blood. The fae and werewolves must have been busy, identifying and burning the dead. My heart threatened to sink for the families who had lost loved ones in the battle, but I couldn’t let myself drown in the emotion, forever stuck in the past. I needed to press forward.

The ground crunched beneath my feet, and I stopped when Liam placed a hand on my shoulder. I tilted my head, watching closely as the sun crested the trees, hitting the spot where we all stood.

It looked like a thin film that spanned west and east, far into the sky where it vanished within the fiery light of the sun. I marveled at how it shimmered, the colors rippling like shaky water. When its color rippled like that, it was near impossible to see through. There seemed to be nothing on the other side, just the rest of the park.


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goodnovel comment avatar
so his dad is there but he hasn't been worried about him at all no talk of him until now and why hasn't he talked to him about his mom?
goodnovel comment avatar
I was thinking the same thing
goodnovel comment avatar
I think too much happened too fast for that….

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