Chapter 125

Nicki and Dustin had taken charge, helping the newly turned Fae that came through the wall. Every five minutes another blinding flash of light would appear, leaving spots that danced in our vision and more fae in our wake.

My attention momentarily flickered over to Atlas, who was speaking with a group of warriors, some of which had passed through days ago. Duke stood at his side, silent but always watching. A flash of midnight hair and clothing darker than the night sky appeared from the western corridor. Ambrose, High Lord of the Night Court’s slender form appeared from around the corner.

Ambrose was the only one to have improved in looks after the battle we had all endured. He had been thin before, a testament to the damage his sister had done on his body and court. His face had filled out since the battle ended; his slim frame now etched in lean muscle. He approached Atlas and Duke, nodding at the various warriors who bowed in his midst.

“Oh, don&

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