Chapter 127

Three Months Later

My stomach was twisted with nerves and excitement as I stood beneath the magically crafted arch of waterlilies and cherry blossoms Tyra herself had created. Atlas was at my side, his arm looped through mine as I leaned against him for support.

We were initially skeptical about the pure white flowers, but the delicate aroma they emitted was well worth it. Clusters of tulips, orchids, and peonies were strewn throughout the courtyard, which had been completely remodeled for the grand ball I had been planning for months now.

With Atlas by my side, I stood atop a long staircase looking down at the arduous work of countless fae, myself included. It was easy to forget about the sprawling crowd down below, watching us with interested and eager eyes.

From the decorations to the guest list, I had full reigns of this project. Of course, I had a near endless supply of assistants at my side, all of which were introduced to me by Alette and Adelina.

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Alyssa Lyons
Not to mention Michelle has her own mate out there somewhere. Even if she never finds him, I'm sure she won't have an issue replacing Dean. Didn't their relationship start from her trying to make Atlas jealous, and Dean gave her what Atlas never would?! His soul, while throwing his life away!
goodnovel comment avatar
Alyssa Lyons
Go Nicki, she's such a badass. She deserves so much better than him, a sorry ass loser who would rather stay with his ex best friends girl whom he impregnated, then choose to stay with her rather than his own mate. I get he has a baby coming but they could have figured something out.
goodnovel comment avatar
oh poor Nicki. I hope you give it to her before the book ends

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