Chapter 128

I pulled Nicki into my arms, my heart swelling with the strength of my best-friend. I said nothing because Nicki needed no reassurance. She could see the flame that burned within her as well as everyone else; Nicki never once doubted her place in the world, or her own importance.

Even on my darkest days, when Atlas’s rejection sapped the happiness from even the smallest of things, the undying confidence Nicki had in herself and the people she loved fueled me.

Once Dustin appeared and dragged her away, I was able to catch up with Liam and see how things were going—and to get some elaboration on the previously mentioned assassination attempt. Atlas had kept his snarling to a minimum when Liam pulled me in for a bear hug, even if his eyes were hardened shards of granite afterwards.

“Really, it was awful. Not even a whole-hearted attempt.” Liam shook his head, disappointment for the unskilled assassin. His lips twitched into a smirk, and the teasing note in his v

Jane Doe

I have the Epilogue to finish and post this week, then Atlas will officially be finished! <3 Thank you all so much for following me on this journey, and I cannot wait to keep improving as I continue writing novels for you all!

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Christy Rutland Robinson
FYI- I come back to this book every time I get a gem to vote for it. It is a great read and I feel like it didn’t get the hype on the app like it deserved.
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I'm bummed Nicki didn't get a true mate it makes me so sad for her
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asd fgh
does anyone know what happened to her wolf Lila? I forgot, did she die?

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