Chapter 5

Mom drove through the center of town, turning into one of the residential neighborhoods. Every house nearly looked the same. Small and identical, ideal to fit the most amount of people in a small space.

"It's not as big as our old house." Mom grinned sheepishly, "But it's the best I could get on short notice. The landlord was friends with my Dad."

"It's not a problem." I chuckled, my eyes tracing over the small square windows. 

My eyes were elsewhere. They were trailing over the porch's peeling blue paint. A low whine left Lila's lips as she recognized the similarities. That was one thing that needed to be changed.

Mom parked on the curb by the house and popped open the trunk. Her arms were filled with bags as she wobbled down the sidewalk. I must've packed more than I thought. Her arms were overflowing with bags as she tried to carry everything at once. She could hardly see where she was going, nearly bumping into someone.

"Woah--" A man's voice c

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Nina Wagner
slow, too slow but I know I won't finish it anyway.
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Himitsu Lee
Have i read this book before? I don’t remember…so familiar
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Time to move forward, one breath at a time.

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