Chapter 6

Mom came into my room shortly after, letting me know everything with the school was in order. I would be officially starting school tomorrow, the thought frightening yet exciting.

I laid in bed that night, picking my phone up to send Kris a text. I ran my fingers over the keyboard, struggling to figure out what to say. Alyssa and I never really texted. We hung out constantly, but rarely ever communicated over the phone. 

-Me 10:23p.m.

'I'm all set for school tomorrow. What time does it start?'

-Kris 10:29p.m.

'Cool! Starts at 7, be at my house at 6:45' 

I had meant to send a response, but my eyes were fluttering warily. I fell asleep on top of the covers, my phone resting on my chest. The next morning, Mom peeked her head in the door waking me up in the process.

"What time is it?" I grumbled, squinting down at my phone.

"5:30." Mom responded, "Bet you're regretting not taking me up on my earlier offer. You could've been home

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Marienil D. Erlano
forget that bastard and have fun in school....
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Smith
I think all the pain that Raelynn was feeling from her mate. Maybe she should’ve accepted Atlas rejection so she wouldn’t have to deal with the betrayal.
goodnovel comment avatar
So far so good

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