Brand New Look

The strong chemical smell of hair products invaded Tynan's nose as he entered the salon that he hasn't been to in half a year. His hair was already touching his shoulder and the natural waviness of his red locks was becoming a tangled mess since he hadn't maintained it.

It didn't take long for Laura to figure out that Tynan hated the hair salon with passion. The man kept fidgeting and scowling whenever the stylist touched his hair and praised it. The lady with rainbow fringe kept asking him a volley of questions that Tynan didn't know how to answer or particularly care for.

Hence, the e-ghost took matters in her own hands and texted Tynan to communicate with the distressed programmer.

Laura: Do you want to keep it long or short?

Tynan looked up from his phone and asked the hairstylist if he could maintain the length of his hair. It was a pain to keep coming back to the salon because his hair grew as quick as the unattended grass outside. He didn't want to

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