4_Prey Of The Day

The private locker room was quiet and empty, with only three lockers there. One for Leo, the other for his friend, and the last was empty.

Leaning away from the blue lockers, Leo dropped his phone into his shorts pocket and watched the model in the white one piece tennis dress leave. He had just made out with her in his locker room. Thrown her against the blue lockers and ravished her until she was panting for air and here she was walking away from him all composed as if he didn't just have her against the wall, her little bum shaking and her racquet in her right hand. He doubts she'd even used that thing today.

Sighing, Leo waited for a few minutes before he left the locker room and headed for the court.

The woman he had taken home two nights ago had thrown a tantrum when he had asked her to leave. He had been very particular about this. Before he took her to his house, he had asked
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