Mother's food.

"Our inward Conflicts express themselves in our outward disasters. When we want nothing more than to keep them hidden." [Jacqueline]

"Writer's pov."

"Rohan, I am sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn't have lied to you." Hearing her pleasant and sweet voice made Rohan's heart skip a beat. His lips curved into smugness as he raised a question.

 "But what is your real name sweet cheeks,? Do your classmates know about your hobby of lying to strangers?"

Fear hit Jacqueline like a cold shower. She was sure he would create trouble for her out of nothing.

 "I. I believe you can forgive me, Rohan, so tell me what do I have to do to earn your forgiveness?"

Rohan grinned victoriously, his gorgeous, eyes shone with a gleam of mischief, 

"Are you suggesting that you will do whatever I want?"

Her grip on h

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I only ever had chicken biryani at Indian owned restaurants. It's one of the foreign dishes my friends and I crave from time to time. Freakin' delicious!!!

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