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"Have you ever made a scene, you saw in a movie or read somewhere in your head and then put yourself in it? Have you ever watched yourself from a different person's view going deeper and deeper into the scene, away from you? I hope you can feel my pain by placing yourself in the scene where your mother asked you to pack some food for your Parents. " [Jacqueline]

My head throbbed, clenching my fist, I spooned some rice-eating it. But now it felt tasteless to me. I think just because I always wanted to have food with her in the same way she had served me was the mere reason which made it tastier than it was. But her words had completely ruined my appetite. Maybe because food may fade away but feelings don't.

"Are you okay dear?"


"Then you didn't answer me?"

"Thank you for asking, aunty, but my parents are not at home. So it's not required."

"Oh Okay. By the way, Do you know Jo

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