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Jacqueline: "Well, I thought you don't want to talk to me, since you never replied to my apology."

Remo: "What are you talking about? I forgot about it a long time ago."

Jacqueline: "Then maybe you could have texted me."

Remo: "I assumed that you were busy, so I didn't."

Jacqueline: "Oh, okay. I get it."

There was a strange pause in my breathing, I did not know why I felt like he didn't miss me. Because if he would have, he would have texted me. Without giving it much thought, I asked him directly.

"So, Did you miss me?"


His response saddened me to the point I asked myself if I even meant something to him. Or was I just a time pass?

'You are thinking too much Jacqueline, it's just your insecurities playing with you.' My reasonable side gave me a reason that I did feel somewhat acceptable. So instead of telling him how I am feeling. I asked him a single question just to kill my curiosity.

Jacqueline: "Why?"

Remo: "Well, I was pretty busy."

Jacqueline: "Oh. Okay. I understand.
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