Time Pass?

There was no future of mine with them, my paternal cousins, yet I loved them with all my heart. They were bad most of the time in all of the memories we had. There was this once when the same girl who Remo identified as I used her foot to make me fall from three feet high stairs. I remember it very vividly, I think we were playing run and catch. Where she had to catch one of us, between me and my sister. And since it was her second time as the one to catch someone. She was angry to the point she pushed me down. Of course, the damage wasn't that great. I got wounded on my knees and elbows since the place where I fell was an area of small stones.

Mom at that time wasn't depressed. So she raised a question against my paternal aunt and demanded that my cousin Jenny apologize to me. However, the arrogant aunt took it as a threat and made a drama out of nothing. First, she was adamant about how her daughter didn't push me, and I was lying which proved to be a wrong move. Since the people in
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