"Life is a series of unfortunate incidents, so don't always wallow in life's unfairness. Instead, do something even if it's little." [Author]


Jacqueline: You can be.

Remo: Jacqueline Please, if you don't want to be my friend. Just say so. You don't have to force me to become your brother.

Jacqueline: I think you are overreacting. Why can't you be my brother?

Remo: Because God already gave me one sister. I don't want more.

There was a reason I was calling him brother again and again. It was because I wanted to irritate him. Though our future was still uncertain since I didn't know if I could forget his words or not.

Jacqueline: Okay. Fine. Good night.

Remo: Good Night.

I didn't send another message to him and left our conversation at that. After all, I was a mere time past. Why should I try to be more than that? Switching off the phone, and the lights. I went to sleep.

But the noise of my parent's fight didn't let me sleep. I walked down and saw mommy on top of daddy as sh
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