Chapter 1

Politics' Dirty Games: The President


Ever since I was young, I know that I have to do something to change the world. Not the whole literal world per se, but the country I am born in. Being surrounded by politicians and being able to understand how politics makes it all possible for individuals to make change, I knew that I would become one myself.

I will become the president of this country.

Oh, but not because I am a goody-two-shoes, not because I am after world peace, definitely not because I am kind-hearted with a full sense of nationalism in me. I will become the president of the country because I am simply fucking sick and tired of all the people who are leeching off to what people of this country rightfully own, what I own in a sense. Someone has to break the endless chain of corruption and if no one will do that before I can, then I will.

My frustration with the rotten democratic system of the country has always been like an itch that I have to scratch until I am fully satisfied; and I knew that my only way for my full satisfaction is to fucking do something on my own.

I was young then and I already knew that I will live my life with only one goal—I will become the president, become the highest person that will lead everyone to how I want things to run, become the person who will fully satisfy myself.

And today is finally the day that it is all sinking into me.

After all these years of preparations, it is really only today that I am completely digesting the fact that my—our—lifetime goal is so close to being fulfilled.

"Nice debate, Senator Wales."

My thoughts have been cut-off and I almost forgot the fact that I am still here in the middle of all these people—politicians, photographers, many others that I am not even sure why they are here. I flashed my ever-sweet smile just to annoy this old man, Senator Zamora, who is my rival for presidency. I know how much he hates me seeing acting like a dumb bitch like this.

I crossed my arms on my chest, still smiling to annoy the hell out of him. "Thank you, Senator Zamora. I must say that what just happened is really… satisfying.”

I even smiled bigger when I said the word “satisfying”. How can I not smile like how I lost my mind, when I use that word all the time for something else… for someone else. Oh, to be able to annoy this man to my full capabilities. I would love to see his face when he discovers that his—

"Senator Wales, they need you now."

I did not even get to finish what I was thinking again, because my assistant already called my attention.

I grin at how foul Senator Zamora’s face is before walking out.

This day has been very satisfying and I know I will have the greatest day ahead.

◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉

My father is an amazing father and it was such a pity that his amazingness of being a father does not reflect to him as being an amazing politician. He is too good for the world. He is so kind-hearted that everyone already knows that he will not go far. He is too righteous for this field of treacherous politics. He is an amazing man who has great visions, but it will never be enough if one does not have the guts of being a real politician.

Whether the intentions are good or evil for entering the messy world of politics, there is only one way to perfect one’s path in this field and that is to be the greatest evil among all of the politicians; and that is something that my father does not have in him.

"So, Miss Wales, let's start with the most obvious question. Why would you want to be the president of the country?"

"Well, we all know about my father Senator Wales. He was the senator that this country needed and he could've been the president that we needed... only if he was still with us here today. I want to pursue what he started. That's my first reason. The second is that I believe that I am qualified and I am capable of serving our country—"

I took the remote and immediately turned off the television.

"What the heck, Wales?! Why are you being a big killjoy?! I was enjoying watching that!”

I rolled my eyes at Celestine and threw the remote on the farthest sofa where no one was sitting in. “Ladies, stop watching that already. Especially you, Morden. Haven’t I said that speech like a million times now? It still bothers me how cheap that script sounds, and, still, people are buying it.”

I just got here from work and all of them are already here. I cannot really understand why they bother watching me on TV when I am sure they have memorized what I will say during those interviews.

 Of course, Celestine would not let me go for turning off the TV so easily, so she even stuck her tongue out like a kid in tantrums for not letting her watch the TV. We all just laughed with her silliness before throwing her our seat pillows.

We started out our casual pleasantries before Veronah actually asked me the main highlight of my day.

“So, how was the debate?” Veronah is grinning from ear-to-ear.

Rozaine, pouring another cup of iced coffee for herself, grins too. “Don’t even bother asking her, Osalla. The person we should ask is Senator Zamora himself.”

Leondelle suddenly smacks the table to get our attention. A very unnecessary way of getting all of our attention, but it would not be if she does not do it her way. “I agree that we should ask him! In fact, I will gladly volunteer myself to be the one to ask him why in burning hell is he suddenly using children to gain sympathy from people?! I will give all my riches that he himself hates children! I will freaking burn his ass!”

She suddenly laughs like a devil and we all shared knowing looks.

“You know what, Quilon, we are sometimes scared of how you point out the things that make sense the most,” Celestine rants and even shivers. “Don’t even get me started with your evil laugh!”

I could not help but to just laugh and shake my head as I watched these women get chaotic like kids. Standing up and walking to the veranda, I know I would be safer from the danger of pillow fights if I am far away from them. I remember always thinking that if anyone saw us now, no one would even believe that we are the same persons outside our haven.

Just by watching them tops the satisfaction of my great day.

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