Chapter 4

Politics’ Dirty Games: The President


I did not even know that I fell asleep along the car ride until my driver woke me up. It took me a moment to sink in that what I just had is a dream about the time when I first met the very man I will meet tonight. What an odd dream, I thought, and a perfect timing at that because I am so close to seeing him now.

“Shall I pick you up later, Miss Wales?”

I smiled at my driver when he opened the door for me. “Don’t wait up here and go home, Julio. I’ll call you in the morning. Be careful on driving.”

“Of course, miss.”

I did not wait nor watch him leave, and proceeded to this mansion’s premises. I am immediately welcomed by two of the guards, already knowing who I am. This very mansion on this hillside is the perfect location for a hideaway. Aside from the mansion I and my girls own, I can easily say that this is one of my few most favorite places to escape myself from my own reality.

I am also welcomed by the cold breeze and I actually laughed at myself. Celestine was giving me a coat before leaving and I was stubborn enough not to accept it. I should have known already that tonight will be cold.

As I approached the front door, I was again welcomed but this time with the usual lovely maid who often welcomes me every time I come here.

“Good evening, Miss Adrianna. Looking fabulous as ever!”

I chuckled. “Hello to you, too. Where’s your boss?”

She giggled and said that he was already waiting for me in the dining room. I thanked her before walking on my way. Usually, she would take care of whatever I am holding or my coat, but I don’t even have anything aside from my phone and wallet.

I cannot remember when was the very first time I went here, but this place has also been my home and I cannot emphasize enough how I love it here. Not only because of how this mansion is like a reality of my actual dream house since I was young but also because of…

When I reached the dining room, I could not contain my smile anymore.

Here is the main reason why I love it here.

“Miss me?” I announced my presence.

He puts down whatever he was reading on his tablet and removes his reading glasses. This man knows exactly what he is doing to me with just his simplest actions. With his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, few buttons undone to give me a tease of his chest, and plus those glasses he just removed—yes, this man completely knows how sexy he is and how that fact turns me on.

“I thought we don’t ask obvious questions anymore?”

That made me laugh and made my way to him—coming here is the best decision I made and the best way to end my stressful week.

I am about to have the satisfaction that I have been craving for.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“This is why I am making you eat first, Adrianna, one more!”

Matt fucking Zamora—that is the full name of this man who just slapped my ass, making me yelp in pleasure, and the name I have been screaming. If this room is not sound-proofed and we have neighbors, I am probably giving everyone a show now.

This is exactly why dinner or any meal is required first before proceeding to our bedroom activities. He needs to ensure that my stomach is not empty so that I will have all the energy to match him as to what is happening now. I refused to take a single bite and seduced him immediately, which is now making him rougher because I disobeyed the only request that he had.

He slaps my ass again, and this time I had to curse because it stings in the most pleasurable ways possible. “How long can you last without passing out?”

“O-One… One m-more round… P-Please…”

I expected him to be rougher that he will indeed make me pass out after this last round, but no—he changed my position so that I am back to facing him again. Opening my legs wide for him, he positions himself in my middle, giving me the best view of he teases his hardness between folds. He is making me feel how hard and ready he is for me without giving me what I want. I had to cover my mouth because I know I will curse him again out loud. I am already moaning for more and for his mercy to stop teasing me.

My legs are already shaking when he finally teases me with his tip. I had to grab on the sheets and just let myself let every moan I have for him, whether I am crying for his name or begging him or both.

“P-Please… M-Matt… Please, please, please…”

He runs his fingers through his hair and chuckles. “I really love when you bed like that, Adrianna.”

He did not give me my chance to say anything more as he finally enters me fully with his throbbing hardness. I had to hold on to him properly this time, looking straightly at his eyes.

“Damn it, you’re still tight,” he mutters as if taking all his power not to lose his control.

We already did it twice and I really cannot believe how it feels like the first time every single time we start all over again. It turns me on so much more when he talks dirty like this, telling me everything that he has his mind—making me feel like I am giving him all the reasons to lose control, but he will not do it this time.

This beautiful, strong man just knows how he wants me and now he wants me in a slow, deep lovemaking.

Leaning in to give me a kiss, he grips on my waist tighter as he buries himself even deeper again and again. My nails are already digging down his back, my own body moving with him. I have never been so full like this that it literally is making me cry.

He breaks our kiss and cups my cheek; he then kisses my forehead and whispers how much I am pleasing him.

I lost how many times we came together again and again.

◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉

What I hate the most is cuddling after everything last night until morning and before we know it—we are back to our set-up as if we did not just fuck our brains out last night. I always hate breakfast with this man.

Matt Zamora is the same man I met years ago—the same confident man that I always adore. Tall, handsome, confident, and very sexy. The years that passed did nothing but to age him like a fine wine. I cannot even believe it myself that even with the years we have in this kind of set-up, I will never get used to the fact that he is just very handsome.

But, like what I said, I always hate breakfasts with him.

This is the only time where I do not feel that he is nowhere near mine.

He places the folder on the table and I immediately noticed that they are the same papers he has been reading last night. I nodded and pushed away my plate which made him give me a look.

I raised my eyebrow at him and before I can take the folder, he takes it back up again. “What?”


I simply rolled my eyes and finished the food from the plate I just pushed aside. How can he be this bossy when we are nothing but business associates now? But I do not want to argue further so I even finished the warm milk he has for me.

When I’m all done, he gave me the folders. I planned to open it right away, but I changed my mind. I simply stood up and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you for your service, Mr. Zamora.”

I could barely notice the way he flinched, but I still did. I know that he has been clenching his jaw. “Don’t forget your end of the deal, Senator Wales.”

I chuckled. “Of course. You know that I only aim to satisfy.”

I walked out—and I know I hate myself for feeling this heavy burden in my chest. You are nothing but fuck buddies with benefits, Adrianna. He is not yours and you are not his.

He is simply Matt Zamora—the son of the man I despise, Senator Zamora.

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