Chapter 8

Politics’ Dirty Games: The President


When I said that I will talk to Matt Zamora about accepting his deal, I do not really know what I will expect out of him. Yes, he was the one who came to me and offered to help in a way that I am still not sure of; but he is still the son of the man we despise. If it was not for Leondelle saying that this is our opportunity, I would be even considering this.

The election and this whole politics we are all involved in is the war of the most cunning and the evilest humans in the country. It so happened that the same humans are just too smart for their own good and it will be a war of money, fame, and power over the country. We all know that what we have is just enough, but it does not ensure our victory with this war.

If this conversation with Matt will end well, it could fina

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