~Lianna Black~

It's been eleven days since I last saw Ace. He didn't come to his room again or maybe he did but I wasn't aware. I had prepared myself for the worst consequence for what happened between me and the mafia Don.

Agatha’s kindness was surreal. She found me after the incident lying unconscious on the bathroom floor. The old lady never asked what happened, though I feel like she knew or might have an idea of what had transpired between me and Ace yet she never voiced her opinion. But she did tell me that Ace is a good person. I knew that already. Partly, it was my fault too for being too careless around him. No one can blame a full-blooded man to act like that if a naked girl was in his room.

It only happens that flickers of men trying to lay their hands on me flashed in my mind. Even before Ace, there were a few instances that I was assaulted under Dante’s care. I was able to fight them before but with Ace, it’s as if my body longed for his touch. I must be wrong in the head to want his touch. Ever since the club, I’ve had a few dreams about him, those nights are the most peaceful nights that I’ve had in so long.

I freaked out, that’s the only explanation I have for what happened. I want to see him, to apologize for my behavior but I guess he didn't want anything to do with me anymore. Maybe the deal is off and he's just letting me stay in his room out of pity.

Feeling this way is not good, I mean, I liked the way he touched me, I really did but he scared the sit out of me. Maybe if he asked me nicely-


I shook my head and focused my eyes back on the book in my hands. We can’t go there, I won’t agree to him touching me even if he asks me nicely. Over my dead body. Yeah, I convinced myself, over my dead freaking beautiful body!

The cold breeze of fall was knocking on the glass door by the balcony as I read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I asked the kind lady to lend me some books and she told me how big the library is in this estate. She even persuaded me to go out of this room but I declined.

After everything that happened between me and Ace, I was still grateful that he took me in, even if he was only using me. This was the longest time that I had a good roof above me and a good bed to sleep in at night. I didn't want to anger Ace in any form again.

A knock on the door sounded as I got lost in the words of this novel. Looking at the side table clock, it says eight in the evening and I wonder who it was. Agatha would always say my name whenever she comes in but never knocks.

Opening the door, I was met by the friendly Italian’s sweet smile. He used to visit me in my cell but since Ace moved me here, he stopped visiting me.

''Hi,'' he smiled, his cerulean eyes gleamed with kindness. It’s sad to see that this beautiful human being is part of the mafia.

''Hey,'' I smiled back at him awkwardly. ''Uhm... do you want to come in?'' it was unnatural to invite anyone into someone else's room.

''Yes. Thanks'' he walked in as I held the door open. The friendly Italian never once told me his name and I didn't ask for it too but he was as gorgeous as Ace. His long ash-blond hair was messily draping over his shoulder. Tonight, he was wearing a black sweater over gray sweatpants. He seems to dress as cool as possible all the time, not too rugged like that sexy Italian. Both of them have this dangerous yet exciting look going on, a savage combination that would break a girl by falling for them. ''For you'' he raised the box from Supermoon and I smiled brightly.

''Thank you'' I took the offered box and flump down on the couch. He sat beside me as I took one sweet treat and grabbed a big bite. I moaned as the sweet delight hit my taste buds. It's been years since I ate something like this. In fact, I couldn't even remember the last time I was able to eat doughnuts.

''How have you been?'' he asked as he handed me a glass of water.

''Better than the last time'' I took another one and ate like a cavewoman. ''Can I ask your name?''

''It's Luka.''

''Thank you, Luka'' the box was now half empty. ''Are you here for something?''

He chuckled lightly, scratching the back of his neck, ''yeah. Sorry, I've been busy lately I didn't get the chance to see you.''

''It's okay. You've done enough already'' I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. ''Let's hear it.''

He cleared his throat first as he combed his blond hair gently with his fingers. A mannerism both he and Ace do. ''Ace wants you to go with him to a party tomorrow.''

''Oh,'' I didn't know if I should feel relieved because the deal was still on or bothered that Luka was the one who told me about this party.

''He's too busy with things, he doesn't have time to fill you in with the details.'' Luka sounded apologetic but I didn't say anything. ''You don't have to go if you don't want to. We decided that you can stay here even if you don’t want to work for us anymore.''

I shake my head ''no. I'll do it.'' I announced, putting on my brave face.

''Really?'' Luka's eyes were delighted ''I'll send someone to help you tomorrow.''

''Okay,'' stupid Lian.




Like what Luka said, three people helped me get ready for the party. I've never been to parties before but Dante trained me to mingle with these dangerous people since I was young. He never told me why but now I'm actually glad that he did train me.

The makeup they did was light and highlighted mostly my eyes. My hair was styled in a side bun and the dress they made me wear was gorgeous. It was fiery red and the v neckline traveled up to my stomach which sensually highlighted my chest. The midriff and waistline also did the same to enhance my figure. They had me wear silver four-inch stilettos that made my legs look longer with every step I took through the long slit in front of the dress.

Agatha was with me all the while as she peppered me with encouraging words. I wasn't scared at all, I was trained to socialize with these people - dangerous and cunning - and I'd test the training Dante had spent thousands of dollars for me. I was anxious though, of seeing that icy gray-eyed devil after almost two weeks.

''They're waiting downstairs'' Agatha held my hand, her blue eyes showing genuine adoration for me, as she guided me along the hallway. It was the first time I'm leaving Ace's room. Although I memorized every turn when I first went through these halls, I let the old lady help me in her own way.

We passed a few men along the way and the death glare they threw in my direction didn't change. It makes me wonder who this Alexa was, if we do look the same and why they hate her so much. I remember Ace asking me where I had buried his father, that thought sent shivers all over my body. This Alexa is a killer, a dangerous person and I look like her. What if someone else had a grudge like these Italians and mistaken me for her again? I should be ready for anything, I can’t let my guard down.

As we stepped inside the lift, I felt my hand shaking, my palms were sweaty as I tried to rub them on the soft cloth of my dress. I've never been more nervous about seeing someone's approval in my appearance than today.

The lift dinged open and a few men seated in the living room's eyes were on me. I counted eight men in suits but Luka's eyes were the only ones who didn't hold anger towards me.

''Lian?'' Luka walked towards my direction as Agatha let go of my hand and handed me to him. He was wearing a charcoal suit that fitted him perfectly, a few buttons of his white dress shirt were left undone as he held a blue striped tie in his left hand. I can see that he isn’t used to wearing these formal clothes. ''You look beautiful.''

''What is the meaning of this!'' I heard one man speak followed by another. ''What the hell is she doing here?'' ''What the fuck!'' ‘’Kill her!’’

As they spoke angrily, I found myself hiding behind Luka.

I'm not Alexa dammit! I wanted to scream that on their faces to make them see that I am not that girl.

One man pulled his gun and aimed it at my head as Luka shielded me with his body.

''Move!'' another man pulled his gun, the sound of guns being cocked and loaded made me cringe.

''Shoot my fiancée and you'll suffer my wrath'' Ace's deep cool voice echoed from somewhere and the men holding their guns froze in fear.

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