~Lianna Black~

I felt a warm breath on my neck followed by soft lips and tongue, stroking the curve of my skin. A moan escaped my mouth when the lips nibbled my earlobes and the hands traced my lacy panties. The hands pulled the elastic bands of my underwear and it stung my skin; it let go, but it felt fuckin’ good.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere, Alexa,” the deep raspy voice whispered in my ears, his voice so sexy and alluring, even against the music it was heavenly. And man, his spicy forest pine scent was so soothing to my senses and that woke up my sanity.

I pushed the hands away from under my skirt and turned around to see the man behind me. He was a pleasant-looking man, no scratch that, he was a very attractive man. His lips, pinkish plum, well-carved nose, distinct high cheekbo

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