My head was throbbing when I awoke. I rolled and stretched like a cat, only to start tumbling to the ground. Strong arms wrapped around my torso pulling me back onto the bed. My heart skipped a beat at nearly falling. I half expected to open my eyes and find Brent, yet it wasn’t him. 

Tingles spread all over my body giving me goosebumps. My eye’s snapping open to find Damien leaning over me, his chest bare and his face only a few centimetres off mine. He relaxed before rolling onto his back and letting me go. I sat upright, panicked. I looked down at what I was wearing and suddenly felt very exposed. I only had a shirt on which wasn’t mine and my white lace panties that were see through. Horrified, I tugged the shirt down. 

“Fuck Layla please tell me you didn’t fuck him” I felt my wolf stir slightly like she was just waking up.

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Ju Ne
nice book, waiting for my next free read ......
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I can't wait to read the rest of this novel!
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Kimi Hernandez
Loving this

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