We got back to his place and we were in a lip lock as we made our way inside his place. "Do you want me to go home?' I asked him in between kisses. He looked at me funny. "I just want to keep you doing this right." He let out a huge breath and went back to kissing me."You'll go when I say you can go." I let out a little giggle. I loved his assertiveness. It turned me on more. I felt something hit the back of my knees and I was laid back on his bed. He hovered above me and just looked at me. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen." I smiled at him. "Tell me, tell me who you belong to." He hissed out.

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Emily Garrett
This chapter is messed up. The scenes are mixed up and are being repeated. No wonder why this chapter was 30 coins. Please fix it.

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