Brenda's POV,

I rushed to the end of the bed and looked at his lifeless body laying on the ground. He had a hole in his head and one in his chest. I glanced over at Dawson who still had his gun pointed at Dalton. I also looked at the bedroom door where Luca stood with his gun pointed at the floor. Both men shot and both men hit. Dalton was dead and all I could do was fall back to the bed and take a deep breath. This was all over and I felt sad and good at the same time.

Over the next week, Luca and I did our best to keep Dawson out of prison. Detective Edward also did his best to help us. Edward ending up finding all the evidence he needed to know for sure Dalton was behind everything. Inclouding murdering Dawson's mother. Because Dawson served all that time for his mother's death. He was let go of all the charges and he was a free man.

Dawson and Luca had become close. Dawson had decided to join Luca's family. After Luca asked him to of course. We all seemed to

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