Chapter 14

I followed Tori into her house, my ankle absolutely screaming in protest. I could in the short time I'd been hanging out with Tori, my ankle had swelled up considerably.

I tried to cover my horrendous limp, but the sharp pain shooting up my leg made it difficult.

"Are you limping?" Tori frowned, her eyes locked on my injured ankle.

"It's nothing." I shrugged, "I fell earlier and must've twisted it."

I hadn't much experience with lying, but I hoped I had enough skill to fool Tori. My heart was thundering in my chest from the simple lie and Tori stood quietly for a few moments. The more seconds that passed in silence, the faster my heart began to beat.

"You should let me wrap it." Tori pursed her lips, she didn't look fooled, "It'll hurt less to walk on."

I contemplated that for a few moments and nodded in defeat. I could easily cover up a twisted ankle. A simple fall would be the perfect excuse. She knew how clumbsy I
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Veronica Garcia
there are some things that in real life that would make her not be able to walk, breathe, or speak without pain; hey, it's fantasy and like the movies things happen differently. Over all I'm liking the story.
goodnovel comment avatar
Vuvu Mawo
Maybe you are twins mate
goodnovel comment avatar
Why are they trying harder to find out more

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