Chapter 16

Tori's Dad was really nice as far as Doctor's go. While I still hated hospitals, I felt a little more comfortable.

Tori's Dad had given me half of some little white pill. After about half an hour, the pain in my foot subsided to a dull throb.

"You have a fracture in your foot." Tori's Dad pursed his lips, obviously eyeing the bruise on my cheek. "Quite a fall you had."

"Sure was." I nodded, fighting to keep my voice relaxed and even. "I'm pretty clumbsy though so it isn't a surprise."

"Make sure to be careful next time." Tori's Dad nodded, seeming unconvinced.

"Will do." I murmured, "My folk's are renovating the house at the moment so it's been pretty cluttered at the moment."

I was just burying myself in lies at this point. Lying about my relationship with my family. Lying about my house. Lying about my bruises. I reminded myself it'll all be worth it once I graduate and move the hell out. All of the lies would be wo
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Sandra Overton
I would like to be able to read for free when ever I want. this is a good book so fare
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Loving this book so far!!!
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So she is clearly part were and if she’s destined to alphas then her father was at least a gamma or higher. I’m surprised she doesn’t have any abilities like faster healing or better hearing.

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