Chapter 3.

The shot echo throughout the room. I became nervous when I felt mother squeeze me like never before. When I looked up at her, she was crying but there was a warm smile on her face, one I didn't like, one that felt ominous. I felt so many things at once. I felt something heavy lodged  in the pit of her stomach and in a split second, loneliness crept in. "Am sorry we failed you Diana, I just want you to know that we tried." That was the last thing she said to me. The next second, she collapsed to the ground. I rushed to help her up but the moment I touched her all I saw was blood. It was the second time today, and now,  both of them were dead. I couldn't stop my tears from falling freely from my eyes, this was reality. When I opened my mouth I could only scream out one thing. "MOM." I called out repeatedly. I rubbed my body against mother's and hugged her one last time, not minding she was lying in a pool of blood.

I felt a heavy deadly aura draw closer and look up from my mother's corpse. My eyes felt heavy from crying, it couldn't be helped. "You." Alpha Max said, he grabbed me by the hair and rose up my head. He was furious from just looking at me, "you, you're their child aren't you, tell me what did they do to me." How should I know. I tried to free myself but he was too strong for me. He threw me to the ground angrily and I cuddled up to my mother's corpse. My tears couldn't stop flowing, I was frightened and worst of all, I was alone. "I don't, I don't know anything I swear. I don't know what you're talking about, please let me go." I cried. I dried my tears severally but that meant nothing.

"Alpha, what do we do." His men asked. They were talking about me, he wanted to say something but held back, running away could be fatal at this point so I remained. "Take her back to the mansion. I'll hand her over to any of the maids to take care of her. From today she is officially one of them, that should serve as an example for others." Forcefully they dragged me back into the car, leaving behind my mother's corpse, I desperately tried to fight them off but the minute I saw a gun pointed at me, I knew it was time to me to shut up and it worked cause I lost my voice, all I could do was silently cry throughout the ride.


In a few hours, the car parked outside a massive building. So many thoughts crept up my mind as of what they did, and why they were murdered, the question carried on for long that I forgot we had arrived. Suddenly the car came to a stop. Right outside the mansion were a long line of maids, they appeared before the vehicle waiting for the Alpha. "Welcome back Master." They greeted. They put the gun away and I was escorted out of the car. I looked around for an escape route but there was no way my feets could get me anywhere, besides they were werewolves, a mere human like could never outrun them, not less a child. Having no chance of escaping, I finally gives up.

The Alpha looked around, searching for someone. "Hailey." He called out. One of the maids stepped forward, she was a lady in her early forties, she was average height. Neatly dressed in red and black high-heeled pumps. Around her throat is a black and white polka dot scarf. Her skin is pale, and she is wearing glasses. She was older than the rest and more mature. "This is Hailey. The chief maid." He said. I looked around for who he was talking to and found no one except me. "From today, this child is in your car, she is now one of you." Without saying anything else, he walked away, leaving me in the hands of the maid. Miss Hailey moved closer to me for an introduction, when she saw my tears she wiped away my tears and rose my head up. "What's this?" She asked looking at my hearing aids.

"She's deaf." One of his men replied, Miss Hailey turns towards the direction of the voice and found Simon. He walked towards the both of us and took out a cigarette.

"Simon. Are you serious." She asked. Simon nodded and she immediately froze, looking at the me in amazement. She was stunned. Miss Hailey looked disturbed, like she was wondering what to do with me, maybe she didn't know how to take care of a deaf child, this was her first perhaps. "Oh my. How would she cope." Harley reached for me and stroked my hair lovingly.

"Don't bother about that. She has hearing aids right, and off the best quality too. I mean her parents are rich right." He mocked me. The hatred I had for this man was beyond comparison, order or not, he killed my father, I hope he becomes crippled and dies one day.

Miss Hailey didn't seem to care, she squats before me and looks me in the eyes. "Hello dear, am Hailey, what's your name?"

"Diana Miss." She replied.

"Oh, so she can talk. Let's get you inside Diana, and you can tell me all about yourself. I'll introduce you to everyone and I promise you that you'll love them." She said as she took my hand and led me inside. The moment I realized I was going to live in the house of that murderer, I shrugged of her grip and backed away.

"Miss Hailey, do you know when I can go home. I don't like it here, am scared." I cried. An outburst of my emotions could no longer be suppressed much further but she came closer to me and gave me a warm embrace, and that was how she warned my heart.

"Diana. This is now your new home." She told me, but that did nothing. It only made me feel worse.

"Please, just let me go. I promise I won't ever let anyone know it's you, I just don't want to die." I told her. Miss Hailey had no idea what happened to my parents, but she could tell it wasn't funny just by looking at my bloody clothes. 

"Don't worry child. I'll take care of you, as if you were my own." She promised me, I found comfort in her words, her smile alone was beautiful, I wonder how old she is. I listened to her and we head for the quarters. "Everyone. This is Diana. Now I need everyone to be nice to her and make her feel at home. Diana, if anyone troubles you, old or young come straight to me okay." She told them.

"Yes." I was taken round the mansion the next day. I was told I wouldn't really be a real maid until I was at least 16, right now, I  just served as a servant to the maids, going about tasks for them and more. Just like that, I the wealthy Diana Wilson, the gem stone of the Wilsons' and an heiress, was reduced to a mere maid. 

Not everyone like the idea of a deaf child living in the mansion, they saw it as an opportunity to tease me, Miss Hailey has let me stay in her room for now, she said its because the others hear me cry in my sleep. 

She asked me about how I came to live here, so I told her everything. "Did all that really happen to you Diana." She cried. Her tears ran down her cheeks, as she sympathized with me. "Am sure you're family's innocent, don't worry, just be patient, one day when you're older am sure a way would come for you to clear your name." She said. Am relieved hearing just that, so long as someone doesn't think am a murderer then am okay with that.

Each day came with an obstacle and the children at the staff quarters teased me, often stealing my hearing aids for weeks and playing pranks on me. It didn't seem like it would stop at all as it only grew worse. "Yes Alpha. You sent for me." One day, while I was busy with my chores. The Alpha sent for me to out of the blue to meet him in his office. This was the very first time he ever sent a maid to his office so it was a big deal to me, did I make him mad, did I do something wrong, does he want to kill me too. The suspense is killing me, am not even sure if I should go. Am scared to death that I had done something wrong. When I reached, I turned to the left and saw Miss Hailey, she had a smile on. What are they planning.

"Yes. Please come closer." He said. With sweaty palms I drew near enough to reach his desk. He looked outside his window and sighed. "From tomorrow, you will continue your studies. I have no intentions of cutting your education, so you will attend school, for that you will have to prepare, Miss Hailey will care for you but am sure she's doing that already. Your expenses will be taken care of by this family, do you understand." No. Cause that just makes me curious. No one let's a maid have this much privilege right? So what are his reasons. Besides, he killed my mother and had my father killed so what are his reasons for also keeping me and taking over my expenses.

"No, I don't understand, what are you trying to prove by taking care of me, are you trying to mend your ways or prove your innocence." I lashed out, I knew it was wrong of me but I couldn't stop it.

"You have your mother's spirit, she was like that before I killed her." He said. I couldn't control my anger anymore. He was just getting on my nerves, but I doubt that's the truth.  "I simply want to right all my wrongs with the little time I have left."

"Little time? Right wrong? It makes no sense Sir."

 He remained silent. He was no longer going to answer my questions, so I didn't bother to insist, but now am certain he's hiding something. "That's enough, now go. That's all I wanted to say. Make sure you're ready Diana, also Misd Hailey, half of her chores should be lifted, no one should trouble her on any occasion. As for some of her expenses, I shall handle them. She is only allowed to work from 4pm, send words to the others. You all know better than to disobey me, do you understand?" That's it, that's all he has to say. Just you wait sir, I will prove my innocence one day, am certain a way will be made.

"Yes Alpha." I left his office with so many questions. I was puzzled about what it meant, but said nothing. When I reached the staff quarters, Miss Hailey passed the message across to the others. I would rather rejected his orders, once word spread all it did was create suspicion and rumors. Some concluded that I was the Alpha's illegitimate child but I was no wolf, so it proved nothing. 

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