Chapter 4.

The morning began with a lot of running around in the mansion. Everyone was busy as hell, and it wasn't a day to smile at all. News spread that the Alpha had fallen ill. It was just three weeks after my arrival, a sudden illness of the Alpha wasn't that serious, but when it proved to be capable of killing the Alpha, it was no joke. His health worsened each day, as he looked pale, lost control of his inner wolf and sometimes could hardly speak. It continued that way for weeks, until finally, he died, am almost certain they might me for it.

Calm down Diana. Don't jump to conclusions everything will be alright.

 On my way out I spot Miss Hailey outside, talking to one of the men from the mansion. Unfortunately, I was caught peeping at them, there was no way to hide now. "Diana." She called, she signaled for the child to come. "Assemble all the maids. Tell them to meet me inside the mansion, Madam Taylor would like to see us all. Including you." Miss Hailey said as she left with the man. Am restless and perplexed, why would Madam Taylor call for us, what does she want.

It took a while for Madam Taylor to come down. While she made her way down I came to a conclusion that, some women are striking beauties, while others take a little extra effort to be noticed. This woman fell in the category of the former. A beautiful woman in all ramifications with striking features. Even a child could tell she was pretty. Even at 46, she managed to fool people because she could pass for a much younger woman. You couldn't miss her jet black hair that cascaded over her shoulders framing her round face or her bright cherry lips that were always pursed and her eyebrows. Those were unique to her because they are, for lack of a better expression, the work of a brilliant masterpiece. Her figure was clad in a royal blue dress. She could definitely wear a potato sack and pull it off effortlessly. She was undoubtedly more than her looks. For one, she maintained a calm resolve and a smart mind. Her straightforward nature separated her from so many people. it's no wonder the Alpha married her. He had an eye for beautiful women after all. She was both his wife and mate how lucky you were sir.

Now that she's down, my worries only increased.  Lined in order, we waited while Madam Taylor stepped forward, and immediately, the noise died down. "We've been trying to discover the cause of my husband's death. And although what we found might come as a shocker to some of you, not all of you are innocent. I happened to notice his illness on july 3rd. Usually, my husband uses the bathroom once or thrice a day. That day was extremely different. He kept going in and out, which is why I believe that all this must have happened on that day." She said. She took her time to look around for any suspicious behavior, and on finding none, she went on. "The Alpha was poisoned." She admitted, the others went into uproar, it was indeed a serious issue. I knew I was in big trouble now. "It was a slow poison which is why it took so long for him to die, but still, a murder is a murder, especially when it happens to the Alpha. We have never had such an experience before so I suspect one of the new maids is responsible, except if the poison had been already administered before the new intakes." She said. Once again she glanced around for any unusual act and found none. Tired, she called Hailey forth. "Can you please point out the new transfers." She requested. She didn't have to repeat before Hailey carried out her task. Finally she got to me. Taylor couldn't help but chuckle. "A child, my husband brought in a child."

"Yes ma'am." Hailey replied.

A maid rose her hand and stepped forward. She lowered her head and spoke. "Forgive me Ma'am but july 3rd is the same day Diana was brought in, and we don't know who she is or where she came from." She said. Well, I expected as much, some people just love gossiping.

I don't know what happened but there was an uproar of laughter coming from the Madam. She laughed so hard that tears were almost falling. "You think she did it?" She said, still holding her breath.

The maid didn't give up. She kept persisting and finally, she delivered a final blow. "No. It's just, that day, her clothes were soaked in blood, everyone saw it." At the sound of that, she froze. I think she got the message. She stared at me and stepped closer.

She pointed at me. "You. What is your name?" She asked. 

Talk about temper. I looked away from her piercing gaze, I lowered my head and replied. "Diana Wilson, Ma'am." Taylor carefully observed me and called for the Alpha's men. They came rushing forward like a faithful dog, however if any of them should mention something negative about my parents or me, then am afraid that would be the end of me. 

She turned towards them, exposing my face and then she pointed at me and yelled. "Which of you knows this child?" In not less than a second, five men rose up their hands. "Seems she's pretty popular." She said, I was getting more nervous just my standing next to her. I shivered but couldn't show it, giving the circumstance the minute I show fear, this woman will strike, easy Diana. Be calm. " You." She pointed out to one of the five. "Tell me all you know about her." The man hesitated a bit. But there was no use denying it now. If he really wants to deny it, he should had shut up from the start. Now she wanted to know everything about me. "Didn't you hear me." She yelled.

"Well she's the daughter of Mr Shawn and Anna Wilson. Unfortunately Mr Wilson died in an accident." 

"And her mother?" She asked.

"She was shot in the head." He replied. Am sure she gets it now, I really hope she doesn't though because like the others she might end up hating me. My worries grew deeper as Madam Taylor pressured the men into telling her, fully aware she wasn't ready to hear it.

"By who?" She asked. The man didn't say another word, Taylor trembled when she understood what his silence meant. "The Alpha? Now why would he orphan a child." She asked. No one spoke up after her question. She looked at them with anxiety as they kept her in the dark. Something she didn't like at all, "well, say something." No one could boldly look her in the eyes and say what they knew. I on the other hand was hoping no one would speak again.

"Because they were the ones who poisoned him." But of course there's always one person who dislikes you. I turned and saw Simon approached us. The entire hall erupted into whispers and I was the center of it all..

"How did you know? What do you know?" She asked with curiosity, grabbing Simon by his sleeve.

"The both of them were in some sort of business together,  no one knew what it was about. The Wilson's would just hand over a box and then leave. The box won't be found again once it was opened by the Alpha. One day I saw him get mad, he just growled and said he's been poisoned and that they fooled him, which was why I killed her father." He casually said, he reached for the hand grabbing his sleeve and separated the both of them. Taylor could barely hold her anger, am sure if she had her way she would have volunteered to kill them herself. 

"Why didn't you tell me before." She cried.

"Easy, cause he asked me not to."

"Then why are you telling me this now."

"Because he's dead. It's in the past now." He said. Taylor stole a glance at me, her eyes were written with dangerous intentions, possibly to kill me, am surprised she could still control herself, others would try to get revenge immediately but she was composed.

"Simon, my office now." She said as he walked away in anger, one that caused everyone to tremble in fear. She stopped abruptly and slowly turned around. "And you." She said to me. "I will make sure you die suffering. I will work you out until you grow old and wither and you will beg me for mercy. I will wipe you out of existence for the sins of your parents, you got that." The moment she left, the maids started whispering mocking words. Laughing at me, I lowered my head and Miss Hailey appeared before me taking my hand and walking away. 

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