Chapter 10.

Well, I guess that's the last of what I need. [Sigh]. This fool came along to get his watch and ended up paying for everything so I gave it  back to him.. I checked my phone and although it's late, I'm happy I got everything on the list. "Hey." He called from behind. I wonder why he's still following me. I gave him his watch.  A  normal person would be on their way but not this guy. Ignore him Diana, he's just a nuisance. "Hey." The minute he drew me back we bumped into each other again, no one fell, but I definitely dropped something. The world suddenly lost it's sound. 

Oh no!  my hearing aids. No, no, no. Where is it?

I bent down to search for it but I couldn't find it, where did it fall to? What will I do now? please come out. 

After searching for almost twenty minutes, I gave up. There was no point standing there to hear him out because I won't hear him, I'm not sure he understands sign anyway. The

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