Chapter 97.

My heart race the next instant, just what the hell do they want from me right now, I can't even keep a straight face because am mad right now. "Diana, it's me." Liam. That's unusual, Liam never visits me, not just that he never bothered to last three minutes in a conversation with me so why was he at my door right now.

"Come in." Whatever it's better to get this over with and fast.

"Good thing you weren't sleeping, we've just received news that your blood was in fact the cure. So we thought you would be having a hard time because you discovered your identity and then the virus and stuff, we would like you to know that you have our support." I stare puzzled at him, this was the first time we had a proper conversation and that was all he had to say. Well at least it's better than pretending am invisible.

"Thanks." Right after he walked away from my room I shut the door behind me, and certain now, I have to find out more ab

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