Chapter 99.

A loud bam filled the room, I tightly shut my eyes close at the sound of the gunshots. It's been at least thirty seconds and I haven't felt a single thing how strange. I open my eyes and find the brothers all gathered in the room with Allen who had a gun in his hand pointed at Derrick who was holding into his chest. "The hell." He screamed, at the same moment he calmed down. "Evan, Allen, Dave. You're here?" He said, he looked rather terrified after seeing them all together. Meanwhilean still panicking I felt all over my body and find nothing on me, so this isn't a dream then. I really am alive. Was it a blank, am sure I heard a gun shut, no rather two gunshots.

Thank goodness they made it. The brothers who had gathered in one room gave off a tense aura. "Of course we are, the warehouse has a fucking back door and we've taken care of your friends." Allen yelled. He seems pissed off along with the others, could they had heard everything just now oh Derrick I gues

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