Chapter 101.

I don't feel a thing except emptiness, which seemed weird coming from someone who asked her emotions to be removed. Although Lune decided not to hide the fact that I asked for my emotions and memories to be removed from me, couldn't stop me from feeling this way. I've been feeling rather empty, this feeling of emptiness was greater than the pressure of watching over the entire earth at night, which is why am seated by the moon pool, causing waves with my hand and giving light to darkness. I gotta say, the Sun god sure is doing a great job at being up all day.

I don't remember much from what Lune told me, but according to earth's calendar. It's probably been three years since I left, I was told I went to earth in search of something and returned after I found it, but am not sure what it is. How could I feel so incomplete after finding it. Maybe I didn't find it, Lune didn't tell me about what it was when I woke up. No matter what I tried to do, nothing seemed to

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