Chapter 102. End.

I thought we would be separated the moment we reached the roadside, so what is he still doing walking with me, doesn't he have a wife to return to? Or oerhaps he's suspicious of me. If that's true then there won't be any chance to return to Lune, not just that but if brother finds out, i'd be in major trouble. I have to find a way out of here, should I knock his out, I can't kill him or interfere with this race. "I'll be going now, my brother must be waiting for me." I tell him. I hope he at least get the picture and leaves.

I leave him behind and walk alone, trying to make it look like I at least know the way am going. "Hold on." My body subconsciously halts. No, I must have been found out. What now? I never thought they would be this smart to actually spot a god. "Would you be fine by yourself. Am not sure you know these roads by yourself, even am not sure of these roads myself, you sure you know where your way around." What? He's still caring about a stranger

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