1. Terror


 Our hearts literally almost shot out when suddenly the painting that was displayed in front of us fell over, causing the expensive frame to shatter into pieces and scatter on the floor. Hyunseon began to grip my hand tightly in fear, while Guangjun was still trying to appear manly despite the cold sweat running down his face.   In the midst of his fear, Han Guangjun was still trying to look like an authoritative man who wanted to protect both of us. I didn't know what was stalking us all in the room, I was just a little worried that this would endanger the lives of both Guangjun and Hyunseon.

"What ghost are we really dealing with, Lalin?" whispered Guangjun later.

 "I don't know," I replied.

 "Are you kidding me? You can see it, come on ... just tell me what you saw," Hyunseon grumbled.

 "I'm not kidding one bit, I don't see that ghost here...."

  BRAKK !!

  The classroom door slammed so hard that it was deafening. Guangjun swallows his saliva painstakingly as he approaches the main door and tries to open it. In the meantime, I'm still looking for the ghost that disturbed the three of us in that room. Guangjun struggled to open the main door in the classroom until his knuckles were whitening but the door still didn’t open either.

 “Can you open that door? I'm really scared here,” Hyunseon growled at Guangjun.

 Guangjun quickly shook his head. "It was very difficult to open, like it was locked from the outside or something stuck so it couldn't open."

 "Really scary, there are only three of us trapped in class ... I want to get out," muttered Hyunseon worriedly.

 Then I took a deep breath. "That's how I feel when I can't live like other normal people, I always feel tired when they show up and bother like that."

  "But you said you didn't see any ghosts dealing with us," growled Guangjun.

 "I really don't see the ghost here, but I know the ghost is in this room with it anger," I said later.

"We're screwed ..." muttered Hyunseon, look very hopeless.

  "Why don't you invite this ghost to communicate?" asked Guangjun then. "Aren't special people like you usually able to communicate with ghosts?"

  "That ... I don't want to try because it's dangerous," I replied later.

 "Music room on the fourteenth floor ...."

Suddenly I heard a soft whisper right in my right ear, like a wind however, it sounded like a place. I glanced at Guangjun and Hyunseon who were busy trying to open the main door of the class.

 "Did you hear it?" I asked Hyunseon and Guangjun.

 "Hear what?" Guangjun replied.

 "Recently, someone whispered something in my ear, sounds like a girl and she mentioned a place, but it wasn't clear what she meant," I replied.

 Hyunseon suddenly approached me. "What did she whisper to you?"

"I don't know, but... Looks like it's a place on the fourteenth floor."

 Guangjun put his right hand on his chin. "What a place ... she just whispered to you.”

 Guangjun didn’t have time to finish when suddenly someone brutally knocked on the classroom door. Makes the three of us run to the door to see who knocked on the door.

But what we saw was even more terrifying than we thought. There were a few people behind the door who were wearing special identification hangers and we knew that the people behind the doors were senior members watching over the propective student.

"How about this?" whispered Guangjun later.

 "I don't know ... I'm thinking hard right now, not to mention avoiding the painting," I replied, pointing to the painting that was now lying on the floor. Guangjun patted his forehead lightly.

 "I forget."

 "Hey! Hurry to the field now!" one of them shouted loudly.

 It made Guangjun and Hyunseon even more nervous, not to mention that the seniors behind the door were planning to break down the door if the three of us didn't get out and hurry to the campus grounds for the morning rally. Several seniors had made threats by calling the chancellor and other members of the senator.

"How about this? If we are asked to compensate for this painting what?" asked Guangjun, biting his finger.


 "Look at how ridiculous my first day of college was, to be punished for just a ghost," Guangjun said irritably, still sweeping the dry leaves covered with snowflakes in the campus backyard with Hyunseon and me.

 The three of us were punished by several senior superintendents of new college students for being late to the field and also destroying a painting that was displayed in the class — even though the painting was actually not very good.  The three of us were assigned to clean up the campus backyard now covered in snow and dry leaves, a ridiculous punishment given by a senior with short black hair — who is now enjoying some snacks in the gazebo and playing games on his cell phone.

"That's right, the three of us couldn't possibly be punished if we weren't bothered by the ghost. If only the ghost didn't bother us, I'm sure we wouldn't be punished like this," Hyunseon said later.

 "Isn't that a good thing too? We're not asked to run around the field like everyone else."

“Don't keep talking! Hurry up and clean up that trash! " said the senior who supervised them in the backyard of the campus.

The man who became a senior sat casually in the shade while playing with his cellphone, making Guangjun even angrier at his current situation. The three of us have piled a sea of ​​dry leaves into a large pile mixed with snow, ready to be dumped into the main dumpster. However, we do not see a trash can push the trash to the shelter.

"Where should we dump it now?" hissed Guangjun.

"You, use the push bin in the warehouse," the senior ordered later.

 "I don't know where the warehouse is," Guangjun replied.

 "Don't you often see the map on the bulletin board? There is a map that clearly shows where each place is. If you don't know anything why force you to enter this university?" the senior then asked.

 “We've been cleaning here from eight to half ten… it's not worth the price of the painting we broke, and the one that broke the frame wasn't the painting,” Guangjun muttered later.

"How much do you think the painting costs?" the senior replied with a hint of emotion.

"At least not three hundred million dollars," said Hyunseon.


"It's okay, Ten. Let them rest after that, I brought the three of you a trash can to throw the mounds of leaves and snow in the trash, as well as some snacks, ”cut another person who had just come.

"Brother, why is it so easy to get them off the hook?" argued the senior named Ten.

"It's okay, they also cleaned this field for a very long time. Thanks to the three of them," the man replied again.

Without saying a word, I, Guangjun, and Hyunseon immediately took the trash can and put the pile of dry leaves in it and after the trash was full, we rushed to the last dump site behind the campus. It was a bit far away because we had to go round a few rooms and go down the stairs, because the final dumpsite was near the basement to recycle trash.

“After you take out the trash, don't forget to come back here. I brought snacks for you, ”he exclaimed again in a very friendly tone.

"We won't promise that."

 Hearing that, my two friends and me actually walked away from the seniors, with slow steps they pushed the trash can to a stop in a large tub on the underground floor which looked very creepy with the dim lighting of a yellow light bulb.

 "Gosh ... I just realized that this recycling room is what it looks like," muttered Guangjun in a whisper as he spilled the contents of the push bin into the crusher.

 "Right ... here, the aura feels really scary," muttered Hyunseon.


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