2. She's Approaching Me

“You’re from outside Korea, right?” asked the senior. Who only stared at him like a strange, reclusive immigrant.

Guangjun smiled. “We’re from Tiongkok, but our language is no less good than yours.”

 “Right. You don’t look like an immigrant ... um ... but, why did you break the frame of the painting?” The senior asked again.

“Don’t you know that the immoral things you do in class will be seen by surveillance cameras?” said a senior named Ten.

Guangjun swallowed his saliva, as did Hyunseon, who was standing behind me, who looked indifferent to the two unskilled seniors.

“We didn’t break the painting, we were just trapped there,” I replied.

“How did you get trapped there? You locked the door from the inside,” Senior Ten snorted.

“We’re not kidding,” I replied again.

Um ... well, we believe your words, taste it ... this is a delicious snack in Korea, try it.”

The senior gave Guangjun some food which was white and some vegetables on top.

“Thank you very much, senior. This is too much.”

 “Not too much ... that can’t even pay for the sweat of the people cleaning the dry snow pile,” said the senior, “Just call me Taeil-hyung.”

 “Taeil-hyung, tail?” repeated Guangjun in disdain.

 “I’m a snow bear, Hyung is a appelative for older brother in Korean, or it could be Sunbaenim,” replied Senior Taeil.

Hyung, it’s not that funny ... Stop acting like that towards juniors, if you continue to be like that, they will enjoy it,” said Senior Ten with a tone of dislike.

“Yes, that’s right. Then let’s say goodbye and go back to our class,” I muttered, standing up and walking away from the two seniors.

Guangjun followed behind with a confused face, Guangjun was confused because I left just as Guangjun was tasting the snacks Senior Taeil gave him. “Why are you asking to leave before I eat it all?” whispered Guangjun.

“Because you can see they don’t want to feed us, you can see that,” I said.

“But, Senior Taeil looks friendly.” Guangjun scratched the back of his neck gently.

“If you want to eat, we can buy it,” I said later.

“That’s right,” said Hyunseon.

“We’ll buy it tonight.”


The bell that shows several times the class is over, all students walked out of the campus area to go home or go to their respective tutoring centers. Meanwhile, Hyunseon and me just walked out of the restroom while counting the amount of money they just pulled out of the purse. Guangjun quickly stood up and walked towards the two.

 “Are you ready? What are you doing there? I’m just ashamed,” Guangjun said then.

 “Why are you waiting right outside the Woman toilet entrance, huh? You’re the one who makes them think, wow,” complained Hyunseon.

“But, right ... ah ... Anyway ... what are you going to cook today?” asked Guangjun, then looked at Hyunseon.

“Just some ramyeon with toppoki,” Hyunseon replied.

“Alright. Come on, let’s go home now,” Guangjun invited me to leave before Hyunseon and me.

 However, not me who still stopped at the entrance to the toilet. I felt like someone was watching me; I felt negative energy full of anger surround me.

“Music room on the fourteenth floor ....”

The whisper was heard again in my ear, made me shiver a little because the situation in the village was getting lonely and lonely and Guangjun and Hyunseon were already in front of me.

 Then I could see the angry aura of the ghost, like chains of shackles rusty and tied together. The ghost held a grudge against someone, someone who might cause its death.

 “Ya!” shouted Guangjun from a distance. I gasped, then walked over to Guangjun and Hyunseon, who were already near the corner of the hall. I was breathless as I approached Guangjun and Hyunseon.

“Why do you stop there? Is something wrong?” asked Hyunseon.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, I only saw the ants walking near me earlier,” I replied.

“Nothing can be done there, huh? Let’s hurry home ... Lubby must have been waiting for the three of us,” Guangjun said.

I took something out of my backpack and then handed it to Guangjun. “You can be the driver today, I am exhausted right now.”

“Right? You order me to drive today? Thank you, relax in the back seat with Hyunseon for a bit.” Guangjun accepted the car keys and walked in a moonwalk fashion toward the silver Ford Taurus.


“Don’t be in rush, you are the same immigrants.” Hyunseon made the announce before getting into the car.

“Yes, Miss. Please come in and enjoy the journey I am leading,” muttered Guangjun, bending his body thirty degrees.

But just then, I saw the creature on the other side of the parking lot again, staring at it with a gaze that no longer radiated anger. The ghost’s eyes became very sad, I don’t know what it was trying to tell me.

 One sentence still echoes in my mind. My aunt always reminded me that when I saw the ghost, I had two choices, either ignore it or help it. Because ghosts have feelings, and they know who can see them and who can’t.

“Miss, please come in. We’ll be home soon,” Guangjun said, making me gasp.

“What do you see?” asked Hyunseon again.

“You must have seen that handsome man on the basketball court, right?” Guangjun teased with an evil smile.

However, I shook my head and got into the car, ignoring Guangjun and Hyunseon, who were still busy teasing me. I don’t want to talk about the boys on the basketball court or the ghost in the opposite of parking lot.

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