3. The Female Ghost Is Chasing Me

Approaching eight o'clock in the evening Hyunseon just put a few bowls of ramyeon on the table, Guangjun and Me only nodded slowly when they saw it while preparing their plates.

“I just put the teoppoki, want to wait or eat ramyeon right now?” asked Hyunseon then.

“I'll just eat ramyeon first, wait a long time,” said Guangjun immediately took his chopsticks to eat the ramyeon which was still steaming hot smoke.

Then i took the chopsticks. “Eat your dinner first ... turn off the stove, we study all day and only eat bread for breakfast. Tomorrow I will work even harder and we will be able to stock more decent food than this.”

“We can work part time together, after all we are both overseas kid who are far from their parents.” Guangjun replied.

"Eum ... but, if we work here the pay will be lower,” I replied.

"I’ll work at the bakery on Saturday and Sunday, how about you, Guangjun?” Hyunseon glanced at Guangjun.

“I can work part time in a repair shop or post office. Don't talk about that yet ... I'm still curious about the ghost of the terror,” Baozi replied.

I grabbed my chopsticks slowly while thinking about something a second later i was spoke up, “If you’ve  acquaintances of previous college students it will be very easy to find out that.”

 “But, who wants to be friends with us? We are overseas kid,” Guangjun replied later.

“Why don't we just approach Senior Taeil? He's kind, maybe we can chat about this,” Hyunseon said later.

“That’s brilliant idea, Sis. But, i think that’s too much in the case,” I muttered without glancing to Guangjun or Hyunseon.

 Guangjun shook his head slowly and immediately finished his dinner, Hyunseon and me immediately finished our dinner. After finishing dinner Guangjun and Hyunseon plan to play the playstation in the living room. Meanwhile, i went into my own room for take a rest in several time before to do homework.

 I looked at my desk, which was still messy because i didn't want to do my homework right now. I was lay down on the bed staring at the ceiling.

  My mind was still drifting away somewhere looking for answers to some of my questions. I also thought about how the female ghost died, i was increasingly being carried away into an endless long black hallway. My body felt very light, as light as cotton in the wind, i was  focused my eyes.

 And i was realized that i was no longer in my room, but there was a quiet, dim hallway with minimal lighting from the fluorescent lights on the ceiling. I wandered around hoping to find an answer where i was now. However, there is no significant answer. I was stunned for a moment after feeling a flash of black shadow moving away from me, slowly but surely i followed the shadow. I tried to sharpen my sense of hearing in case i heard a call from Baozi and Hyunseon.

I was led to continue walking into a darker hallway, a hallway without the slightest lighting. I vaguely heard a voice crying from inside. I became more and more panicked by that, i was felt that the hallway suddenly became narrow.

"I know you can see me ...."

I gasped when I saw the female ghost in front of me, the female ghost was in front of me at this time. With a pale face, with eyes that seemed to convey grief.

 “You can see me, right? Don't lie ... I just wanted to ask you a favor ....”

  “W-who are you? What do you want?” I began to dare to communicate with that female ghost.

“I'm a college student at this campus too ... my name is Kim Sae Hee ....” The female ghost replied softly, a second later the female ghost cried.

Cries that really make anyone's heart become sliced ​​into a thousand.

“Why are you crying? Did you have any problems before you pass away?" asked Lalin then.

Kim Sae Hee's Side


It was a very quiet day in class but, suddenly my classmate named Jiyoon threw a bottle of mineral water to Yujin who was sitting in front of me. But before that the  bottle landed on the top of my head.

 “Bitch! I don't drink local mineral water like this, did you hear that?!” snapped Jiyoon towards Yujin with great anger.

"I-I ...."

 "What's wrong with you, huh ?! Why?! How many times have I said that? Don't ever buy  local mineral water for me, because it’ll only make me stomachache!” Jiyoon grabbing Yujin's hair until Yujin grimaced in pain.

Seeing Yujin in pain, makes my conscience tremble to immediately make a letter of complaint to the lecturer who is our homeroom teacher, I want to report the bullying that Jiyoon did to Yujin that afternoon. In the evening, I immediately wrote the complaint with confidence, without thinking about something very dangerous for my life ahead. The next day I gave the compliment letter to our homeroom  teacher named Cha EunJi-nim.

In the middle of the day, at free time, Jiyoon was called by EunJi-nim to her room. That incident surprise all college students in class  including Yujin that , I don't know this will make him realize or not, what is clear I have the courage to complain to our homeroom teacher.

“Jiyoon-ah ... you ....” Park Na Ra, who is a bestfriend of Jiyoon, closed her mouth in disbelief at this.

“Is there someone who wants to fight with us? anyone looking for trouble?!” snorted Kim Eunkyung as she focused on her pedicure friction. A few minutes later Jiyoon returned with a hurried step at first she pulled Yujin's bag and spilled her’s bag contents on the floor and opened one by one Yujin's books.

“If there's anything you want to find, If there's something you want to find, look for it carefully ...,” muttered Na Ra

Jiyoon glanced at me, then pulled the bag that I used as a buffer for my elbow. She opened one of my books and threw it in my face. Then she pulled the book which was still in my bag. She reached for the envelope she was carrying.

 “Bastard! What are you doing, Sae Hee! Do you want to die right now?!” shrieked Jiyoon grabbed my hair then dragged me to the corner of the classroom, she slapped me quite firmly.

“Jiyoon-ah, what's wrong with you?” Ko Baekyun asked, Ko Baekhyun is Jiyoon's boyfriend.

“Just look at what this bitch is doing,” snorted Jiyoon again.

Baekyun grabbed the book on my chair and then read it, he came over to me, squatting while gripping my jaw firmly, it really hurts. It's all not quite what I imagined.

“What do you mean, huh?! Pabbo-ya! Don't act stupid, like a bastard in the streets over there!” Baekyun said.

“Hey, Jiyoon-ah looks like this bitch should be punished so she can restrain herself from making a complaint letter again,” said Eunkyung who suddenly came with big scissors.

Eunkyung approached me then grabbed my hair, slowly she cut my long hair with a cheerful expression as if she was not doing a crime. I couldn't help but cry, Jiyoon was getting more and more blind and then annoyed Baekyun asked Kim Tae and some of his friends to take me to the music room which is now no longer used because there are no renovation fees.

 Three months later ....


 A hard slap landed on my right cheek, I wanted to cry seeing my father's eyes full of anger. Yes, that day my father found a testpack in my jacket pocket when I wanted to deliver clothes to the  laundry.

“Now what are you going to do?! Kim Sae Hee! Listen to me tell Daddy who's the man who got you pregnant?!” my father asked, clutching my jaw.

I sobbed helplessly to hear my father shout, this is the first time I heard my father shout so loud.

 “Answer Daddy’s question! Don't cry!!” snapped my father again.

 “Kim ... Tae ... Dong ... Hyuk ... Tae ... Gu ....” With a trembling voice I answered my father yell which made my heart feel very sick.


Once again a hard slap landed on my right cheek, Appa dragged me out of the house and threw my body to the ground.

“Lay your hand off me! No more dealing with you! take care of yourself from now on Sae Hee! Don't come here without that guy's responsibility!” shouted my father before slamming the main door.

My father's words made me worse off, like a gaping cut drenched in salt water that I feel right now. At times like that, it's still me thinks about meeting Kim Tae so he can take responsibility for the baby in my womb.

  With slow steps, I walked away from  my father's house still weeping,don't know where to go that night although in reality, I do have to go meet Kim Tae.

That afternoon I met Kim Tae, who as usual was on the campus playing basketball with his friends.

 “Kim Tae,” I called softly.

 Kim Tae turned his head and grinned “What are you doing here, bitch?”

“I’m pregnant ....”

“Then why did you tell me?” Kim Tae asked in a curt tone.

 “I-I ....”

“I don’t give a fuck about it, because the one who fucked you was’nt only me but, many men, and there's no way you can sue me for marrying a bitch like yourself!” snapped Kim Tae.

I fell silent for a moment.

“Find another man who wants to marry you,” Kim Tae muttered before leaving me alone in the basketball court. After I met Kim Tae, I visited Donghyuk's house. The mansion in the Spanish style looked very sturdy, after trying to convince myself, I pushed the button on the fence.

Someone in the house

[Who is this...?]


[It's me Kim Sae Hee]

 Someone in the house

[Who are you? What do you need?]


 [Can I meet Donghyuk?I want to talk to Donghyuk.]

 Someone in the house

[Unfortunately Donghyuk and his family are on vacation to France and already left last night, If you want to talk to Donghyuk, you can call him.]

I stared at the pebbles neatly scattered in front of Donghyuk's house fence. Then what should I do, that's what is currently the biggest question on my mind. What about the baby that starts developing in my womb, do I have to kill it? And will receive more anger from God? How is my life in the future?

  I also decided to go again to see Tae Gu who was working at a supermarket, he is a freelancer at a supermarket near several high schools.

“Tae Gu” I called him.

He’s turning around then ask me, “Sae Hee? What are you doing here?”

“I-I'm ... pregnant ... and I ....”

“Stop it, now think about it before it actually happens. I am an freelancer and an college student too, I’ve a salary but only able to pay for education and food. Did you know that i’ve  work hard, if we get married can i finance you? Just abbort the baby ... after all, we don't know whose child it was, the one who slept with you wasn't just me at that time ... so, don't force me to marry you ....”

“But, Tae Gu, you are my only hope, My dad is angry and you are my only hope ... please help me, tell my father if you are willing to marry me, after marriage you can do whatever you want.” my whining

“Sorry, Sae Hee. I don't want to take the risk that the child will be detained by the hospital when I can't pay for the hospital fee, just abbort the baby,” He said, then he reached into his pants pocket and gave me sixteen bills with the amount of fifty won, I stared at him, feeling very worthless in front of that man.

“Abort the baby.”

“I can't do it, Tae Gu.”

“You can do it, just trust me that you can. If Baekyun finds out about this he will immediately kill you, what's more Jiyoon, she will be very mean if she finds out.”

I lowered my head. “This could be our baby.”

“Abort the baby, I love you but, I can't be responsible,” said Tae Gu again


“Why ...? Why are you so stupid, huh ?! You prefer to be hurt continuously by Baekyun and Jiyoon ?! Stupid!” shouted Tae Gu.

 “Why are you yelling at me?” I asked softly.

 Tae Gu looked away. “Go ... I'm busy ....”

 With a crushed feeling, I immediately rushed away from the supermarket. I don't know where else to go, I sat at the bus stop not far from the supermarket. I thought about what if my father found out if I couldn't hold him accountable, he would be very angry.


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