5. Fighting With Jiyoon

“Have you got the evidence?” asked Hyunseon as she handed a few slices of pizza to the table.

“No, I don't know who we should look for now,” Lalin replied later.

“But, are you absolutely sure that Kim Sae Hee died because of those three savage women?” asked Guangjun again.

“Yes, I am very sure. Because the clue is only that,” I replied, “Anyway, we've to help her solve this case again.”

“That's right. Even if in this world we are like trash, there must be a little good we do," Guangjun replied.

“Then, what are we going to do after this? We don't know who Kim Jiyoon and Ko Baekyun are.” Hyunseon spoke up later.

While we were still enjoying our pizza, there was a commotion from the far end of the cafeteria. Guangjun immediately stood up, seeing what was really going on there. They saw some people fighting on the other end of the cafetaria.

"What's going on?" Hyunseon asked curiously.

“Someone was being bullied,” replied Guangjun, “Come on, over there we help her.”

Inevitably we immediately approached the scene. There was indeed a girl who was asked to lick a trail of ice cream on the floor by one of the women.

I clenched my fists when i knew that the woman was Kim Jiyoon, Jiyoon who killed Kim Sae Hee who had been so comfortable living without feeling the slightest regret. The woman grabbed the nerdy girl's hair just like when she grabbed Kim Sae Hee's hair. Smashing the nerdy girl's head against the table.

“You, what do you mean hit me like that?! You know this shirt is so expensive that even your pocket money isn’t enough to pay compensation,” Jiyoon grumbled.

“I ... I accidentally, I slipped by the banana peel,” replied the nerdy girl with a little fear.

“Are you dodging? Hey! Look at this, your curry stain is staining my clothes, where  your eyes, huh?” Jiyoon slapped the girl's face lightly.

“Hey! Kim Jiyoon!” Without realizing it, I was called out the woman's name very loudly.

Makes several people in the cafeteria stare at me with a look that is difficult to define. Some of them even whispered about it, I was stepped forward towards Jiyoon, who had now folded her arms across her chest. Looking down at Lalin.

“Who is this crap girl,” Jiyoon sneered.

 Hyunseon and Guangjun could only glare in disbelief at what they saw at that time, Hyunseon even closed her mouth speechless. 

“Shut up your savage mouth, Jiyoon,” I replied  sounding like I was angry.

My hands remained clenched so tightly that all of her nails turned white, the veins of my hands began to show.

“Wait, who are you? What's wrong with me, huh? If you look around, you are still strange to me,” muttered Jiyoon still with a trivial look.

“I wouldn't embarrass you in front of them if you wanted to have the fun of coming to the police station yourself,” argued me.

Jiyoon gave a small grin. “Hey, idiot. What do you mean? Suddenly being a late hero defending this nerdy girl and asking me to turn myself in to the police station, are you kidding me?”

“Unfortunately, I'm not cracking jokes for a murderer like you,” argued me with a tight jaw.

The atmosphere got tense due to my words just now. Even Jiyoon's two friends started to look restless by themselves, Jiyoon laughed out of whack as if she was laughing at my words just now. It walks around Lalin like a predator ready to grab its prey.

“What do you mean? We've never known each other but, why are you calling murderer?” Jiyoon asked with a disapproving face.

“Never mind ... just admit it, or I'll make me admit everything,” muttered me.

Not long after that a man with a tall body approached them, all gazes then fell on him.

“What going on, Jiyoon? Why is it so busy?” asked the man.

“Look, this idiot, Baeki. She just said I was a murderer,” answered Jiyoon glancing at me.

“Who is she? I've never see her face before,” said Baekyun.

“She’s like a new college student here,” replied Jiyoon.

 “A fresh meal for me, are you still a virgin? No need to show scary faces like that, just normal. We’re just going have fun,” said Baekyun.

“It's disgusting, raping a girl. Then acting like a victim. What kind of man are you, Ko Baekyun?”  I said  without pause.

Baekyun's eyes bulged at once, his jaw emphasized. “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, BASTARD!”

“I'm just saying what really happened here, a fact that people may not known. That's true, right?” I also folded my hands across my chest.

 Feeling very annoyed, Jiyoon approached Me and grabbed my hair. Then caught Jiyoon's hand gripping her tightly then turned her behind Jiyoon's back. I was grinned when I saw Baekyun, who was provoked by emotion.

 Guangjun immediately took a position to face Baekyun who was about to throw the cafeteria bench at me. Guangjun showed Baekyun a mocking face, a fist from Baekyun was also accepted by Guangjun.

 Guangjun punched Baekyun's lower jaw until the tall man walked unsteadily while cursing roughly. Guangjun came back again with one ninety-degree kick that could so bravely knock the man down against the table behind him.

“Want to fight again, Bro? I was the best former kung fu athlete in Hunan province!” Guangjun starts to mess up by pretending to be Bruce Lee.

 “Damn you!” exclaimed Baekyun.

While I still faced Kang Jiyoon, Park Nara, and Shin Eunkyung who were still trying to attack me in various ways even though in the end I'm still the winner, because I’m  a girl who likes martial arts—even took some martial arts training to satisfy myself.

 Then I kicked the three women's shins as hard as what they did to Kim Sae Hee. I commented on a cynical smile with satisfaction as they screamed in pain, slowly I was started to back away.

“It's not much because  I still have feelings for you to realize that you’re guilty. Two people died in vain because of what you’re all did, and you guys are just a joke. It's not funny, someone’s  life isn’t a joke. You can still laugh happily. after killing someone.”

“What do you mean! Idiot! I don't even know what you're talking about!” snapped Jiyoon.

 “Gosh, how could you forget an important incident in your life, Jiyoon? You forgot Kim Sae Hee?” I asked then.

 Jiyoon wanted to dodge however, couldn't because some of the senior supervisory members started arriving. They immediately had all of them involved follow the senior supervisory members into their room. And there me met Taeyong again, who now looked very unfriendly.

“I really didn’t think that the three of you were indeed a troublemaker,” muttered Ten later.

 “So what? I just want them to be caught by the police immediately.” I glanced angrily at Ten.

“Shut your mouth, explain in the room.” Taeyong cut their conversation very coldly.

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