11. Meeting Kim Sae Hee's Father

I could barely speak when Taeyong asked that question, Hyunseon suddenly trembled violently at Taeyong’s probing question.

“What are you doing? You scared them all because of that?” Taeil asked then saw what Taeyong was doing.

“I only asked the three of them, what do they do at night even though they are students in the morning class,” Taeyong said then.

“We ... We only deposit our assignments to the lecturer's room,” Hyunseon replied nervously.

“Lecturer?” Taeyong repeated as if he wanted to further question what we actually did last night.

The bell rang signaling break time was over, immediately the three of us stood up carrying our respective trays—avoiding Taeyong as quickly as possible even though we knew we would end up being chased and interrogated.

Guangjun stepped wide to put the tray back in its place, so did Hyun
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