14. The Arrival Of The Police And The Approach Of Yuta

“ Should I’ve asked why the tape was three years ago? ”

The question from Taeyong a few hours ago really made my mind stop instantly , I can ‘ t answer it because it ‘ s an oddity that can ‘ t be explained in detail in just one meeting. I didn ‘ t expect Taeyong to be spying our movements in recent days either, and it all seemed to happen without a plan.

I still remember how he looked at the three of us sharply as if we were a world-class criminal who had destroyed the local community order. I sighed a long time ago, then came back to see an ID Card that I had been holding.

Stupid !

That’s the only word I can say right now, because its card the size of an atm card that we ‘ re known to have other plans on that campus. I sighed, then put the card in my jacket pocket and went back to playing the swing that I had been sitting on for a slow tempo while enjoying the night breeze that seemed like something piercing my skin.

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