15. The Real Evidience

We were surprised when we saw Jiyoon and some of her friends were led to the rector’s room to meet some police officers who came to solve the case of Kim Sae Hee’s death . Taeyong and Taeil as the chairman and senior vice supervisor took part in handling this even though they both looked uneasy after the police arrived.

“What is the problem?” asked Yuta.

“ Don’t you know it? Aren’t you also a senior member of the superintendent? “Guangjun is acting.

“I don’t know anything but, why did Jiyoon and her friends get dragged away by the police.” Yuta held his chin with his index finger and thumb.

“ Just ask Taeyong and Taeil ,” I replied.

“If that’s the case I’ll go see the two of them first, you guys just go to your respective class the bell has been ringing a long time ago,” Yuta muttered.

I accepted the lunch box awkwardly, then looked at Yuta’s departure intensely as if I saw a review, for some reason I felt very familiar with Yuta.

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