#9 The Lunar Owl

After returning from Sung Yeojin's grave, they took the time to go to a cafe to rest while talking about Yuta and Lalin's findings from inside Sung Yeojin's room.

 "Are you feeling all right?" Johnny asked when he saw Lalin wiping the blood that suddenly came out of her nose.



"If you're not well, we can go straight home," said Taeyong trying to sympathize. 



Lalin shook her head slowly. "It's just an ordinary nosebleed, there's no need to worry." 



Soon the waiter approached them with a food push trolley, serving some of the food ordered by them. There's a sandwich topped with tomato and bacon wedges, a few refreshing fruit smoothies, and a few containers of french fries to wash your mouth after.



 "Are you sure that the scarf you gave to Officer Choi is Nam Seohyun's?" asked Doyoung.

 "Yes, is it Nam Seohyun's?" Taeyong added, surprised and cu
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