#1 Folk Village Tales

Wagyu meat's aroma with the honey sauce mixed with lemon bursts with thin smoke fills every corner of the house's room. Hyunseon put down a serving plate filled with Wagyu beef and some wet noodles.

 "Gosh, the scent really makes me hungry," said Baozi as he took his chopsticks and then excitedly started to take a few rolls of wet noodles.

 "I got extra money today," said Lalin breaking the silence.

 "Thankfully, it can be saved for your needs," muttered Hyunseon.

 "That's right, I've also put some into the account," said Lalin later.

 Lalin took a piece of wagyu meat and chewed it, tasting every joint of spices covering the beef. Lalin smiled happily at that. She hissed a little.

 "It's delicious," murmured Lalin.

 "The taste of the lime sticks out deep, not as rancid as usual," muttered Baozi.

 "I'm following Lalin's secret cooking recipe," Hyunseon chuckl
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